How to raise the temper in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and what it is for

How to get the best armor in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

One of the most iconic weapons in the Final Fantasy license is the deadly sworda sword that characters like Cloud carry but also carry Zack en Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

However, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion debuts a new mechanic for the deadly sword, giving Zack a new battle stance for more powerful attacks, along with the new resilience stat.

It’s important that we maximize your sword mastery in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion so that you can perform the most powerful attacks in the adventure, ideal for the last bars.

There are many doubts about how to level up, and increase the mastery of the sword and mettle in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, and we are going to help you in this guide.

How to raise the temper in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and what it is for

The first thing that we must be clear about is the procedure that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has for level upand basically our character will only level up every time the slots in the DMW line up with three 7’s, but there’s actually an invisible experience meter.

The bad thing is that there is no way to know what this experience meter is, so you must be clear that we will obtain experience for each defeated enemy.

We advise you to go to mission 1-1-6, the one with the 1000 Shinra troops which, although it is a bit long, will give you a lot of experience in a very simple way.

With that clear, we must unlock Zack’s pertinent new battle stance, specifically that happens at the beginning of chapter 6.

Once you have it, you have to press the attack buttons and dodge at the same time.

The mettle of the deadly sword means how well the character can use the sword, and there are three specific ways to use it:

  • Defeating an enemy with a strong attack in battle stance
  • Defeat an enemy with a matter command move while in battle stance
  • Block damage while in battle stance

Each time you meet one of the above requirements it will increase your mettle by 0.2-0.7%, but at most we are allowed to increase it by 0.8% per battle.

Zack’s deadly sword mettle is capped at 95%, and you can’t go beyond that, perhaps a nod to Cloud being the only one that can reach 100%.

Finally we come to the topic of deadly sword skills, which comes from increasing mettle.

The ultimate unlocks at 47%, so beyond that there isn’t much incentive to max out this feature:

  • We have the strong attack unlocked from the beginning and execute a powerful attack while in battle position.
  • Improved Guard is also available early on, and Guard now reduces damage by 80% both in and out of battle stance.
  • Necromose also at 0% and where the character recovers a little MP and AP every time he defeats an enemy.
  • Damage Cap Break (Unlocks at 23%), where any attack or command materia used in battle stance can break the 9999 damage cap without the use of additional attachments.
  • Barrier Pierce, unlocks at 47%, and where any attack or command materia used during battle stance now completely ignores an enemy’s barrier if they have one.

And while the fans continue to analyze the game. Did you know that a watermarked painting from Getty Images, the well-known website for graphic resources, has “sneaked in”? Now that’s something original from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion…