How to reach the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy in the fastest way

Hogwarts Legacy Guide and Tricks

One of our main concerns when playing Hogwarts Legacy is the growth of our character, and we can link that to the current level of our wizard, which, as you can imagine, is not infinite.

Although at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy We are going to start raising character levels very quickly, not only because the lower levels go up faster, but because we will have many more things to do, when we have finished the game we will see that we will predictably be anchored on level 35.

And it is that from level 35 in Hogwarts Legacy it will be tremendously complicated and slow to level up in the game, basically because the challenges that we have already completed are not available to repeat them.

That is why if you want to reach the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy, we are going to give you a series of tips that you could take advantage of to achieve the desired level.

How to reach the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy in the fastest way

Before continuing with the tips to get a lot of experience in the adventure and reach this maximum level, you should be aware that until now, unless the development team includes future updates, the maximum level Hogwarts Legacy is 40.

To find out what level you are at, simply open the field guide and you will see this level at the top center.

And to reach level 40, which is the one that interests us, not only must we not miss any mission, but we must collect all the collectibles.

If you reach the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy, you will get a trophy, and obviously you will get practically 100% of the adventure.

Depending on how you play, it might take a certain amount of time to reach max level, but generally speaking, most players are taking 45-50 hours to reach character level 40.

You’ll likely be around level 30 or 35 when you’ve finished the narrative, so getting those five levels to the max can be incredibly tricky.

And it is that once the maximum level is reached, any experience collected will not count for anything, nor will those missions that we have already completed.

What you can do to reach the maximum level:

  • challenges
  • Camp Cleaning
  • pop balloons
  • Solve hedge mazes
  • Complete Merlin’s Trials
  • Compilation of Field Guide Pages
  • Find Demiguise Statues
  • Participate in the battles of the dark arts arena

The last step is perhaps the fastest way to level up, repeating over and over again, which launches you into fighting five different waves of enemies.

By doing so, you will advance towards the completion of the challenges for that type of enemy, which will reward us with a large amount of experience points.

If you don’t have access to these quests, you’re going to have to focus on side quests you’ve left out, Merlin’s Trials, or collecting Field Guide Pages.

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