How to request a refund for an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One digital game

How to request a refund for an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One digital game

When we buy a game in physical format and it does not meet our expectations or does not work correctly, it is easy to change it in the store. Thus we recover the money invested, and we can spend it on another game. But how does it work in the Xbox store?

Microsoft Store It is the platform where we can purchase lots of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or even backward compatible Xbox 360 or Xbox titles, as well as DLCs and other content.

Sometimes we buy a digital title that doesn’t meet our expectations, or just doesn’t work properly. It is also possible that we have confused the game.

In such a case, you can proceed with a refund to get your money back. It is a very simple process, We explain step by step in this guide on Xbox.

How refunds work on Xbox

Xbox’s return and refund policy is very similar to Steam’s, unlike what happens in Sony’s and Nintendo’s digital stores. What’s more, we can return a title that we have already played (with restrictions, of course).

If you’ve bought a digital Xbox game and want to return it (for whatever reason), you’ll be glad to know it’s possible. Yes indeed, only if we have purchased it in the official digital store (Microsoft Store).

In that case, the first thing we should do is enter this link. This leads us to the Xbox refunds and returns page.

We recommend that you log in with your account, although it is also possible to do so in one of the specific steps of the refund. Eye, It has to be the account with which we purchased the game that we want to return

What we are going to do is issue a refund request. That is, Microsoft will review this request and approve it or not. In case it is not approved, you will not get your money back.

Xbox game returns have two fundamental requirements. Both must be met for Microsoft to approve the refund (barring exceptional cases, as happened with Cyberpunk).

  • Applications must be made in a maximum period of 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • They are only possible in those games in which you have not accumulated a significant amount of hours of play.

It’s unclear what Microsoft means by a “significant amount” of game hours. For example, in the case of Steam it is two hours.

If you bought this game 14 days or less ago, and you haven’t played it much, this title should appear in the ” tabRequest availability”, located in the link that we have shared with you.

In case it appears, Click on it and complete the refund process for said title. The progress of the return will be displayed in the adjacent tab (Refund Status). The refund of the money will be made a few working days later.

If your game doesn’t appear in the list, try logging out and trying again. If the problem persists, then it means that you can’t return the game (either because it’s been more than 14 days or because you’ve played too long). You can contact Microsoft as a last resort.

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Have you ever returned any game of Xbox? Now that you know how refunds work on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, you can proceed to return a title that you recently bought, for whatever reason.