How to save all characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

How to save all characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me We have a group of young people who must survive in a kind of hotel/mansion against a murderer, and most likely a few will die.

As it happens in similar titles like Until Dawn, we are going to have to take the decisions correct so that the cast of the five characters can survive until the end, and unfortunately sometimes the most logical decision is the most damaging.

If you have proposed that all the characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me survive, we are going to help you with it by offering you the decisions that you must make in each part of the narrative to avoid a series of murders that sometimes seem inevitable.

So if you want to get out alive from this story in which a film crew lives wrapped in a true nightmare, follow closely the decisions you must make in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

How to save all characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Realize, that we are going to recommend the correct decisions to keep the characters alive, but it is up to you to perform all the QTE sequences properly.

You can also choose to restart the game if you fail any of these QTEs.

After passing the tutorial, where you have surely practiced with all the game mechanics, we will begin to control all the protagonists.

Initial steps with the group

In the first few bars there will be no possibility of death, just manage the characters that appear to you, exhaust the lines of dialogue and solve the QTE, so until dinner time.

get the inhaler

When we control Erin we must use her microphone to locate peculiar sounds from the walls, and we will end up being locked in a room with all the lights off.

Now we will take control of Jamie who tries to repair the switches for the power issue, but when he returns to Erin he panics. A figure in the dark will present you with an inhaler to use and you must take this inhaler instead of attacking.

Thanks to this decision we will make the character survive since he will be able to stop his asthma attack. Do not forget to use the inhaler when required from now on.

Don’t run away, just hide

You will briefly take control of the rest of the companions discovering the areas of the Hotel, and we will have another vital decision after Erin explores the surroundings until she is in this area.

It’s a kind of room with medical animatronics, and passing the dialogue will give you the option to decide whether to hide or try to run away.

You must choose the hide option to keep Erin alive.

The grid

We will take control of Charlie who is separated from the group, and has to find a way out, and this process will end inside an incinerator that is part of a death trap.

You must select the grid, even if the character fails. The game will give you the option to switch, but you have to stick with the grid issue, until Charlie can finally get out.

Kate’s face

The moment where Kate and Erin are in a death trap and the solution to keep them both alive is not obvious.

You must choose to kill Kate and that will ensure that Erin stays alive as it will reveal that Kate has a way to save herself. Pass the narrative and you will see that both are saved.

the screwdriver

After Kate examines the plans on the wall, a scene will appear. Here Jamie offers Kate the screwdriver to defend himself against her and all you have to do is make sure Jamie keeps the screwdriver.

There’s another life and death scene where Jamie and Kate get locked in a room with a sliding glass wall. Jamie can break the glass wall because she has the screwdriver so choosing not to press the button will save both of them.

kate’s revenge

There will be a multitude of QTEs and you must overcome all of them, if you fail one, Kate will die. If you do it right you will come to a decision where you have the opportunity to run and save yourself or rescue Jamie.

If you choose saving Jamie is the right decision to keep her alive, but you need to complete some QTEs.

In the barn

When a group of friends is sheltering in a barn to escape from the enemy, you must choose the option to run with Erin and Jamie.

defending charlie

When you get to the lighthouse area you will have to make another life and death decision. In this case to keep Charlie alive, Mark needs to give him the benefit of the doubt and not tie him up, otherwise Charlie will be killed.


In the lake we will have a final showdown against the enemy, and there will be a lot of QTEs, a lot of sudden ones, and failing now will cause the characters to die right at the last moment.

In order for everyone to survive you have to QTE with Charlie and then make sure that all the other members jump out of the boat when given the chance.

There will be a few more QTEs, don’t miss any, and you will have finished the game with all the characters.