How to save and play forever all PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection games

How to save and play forever all PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection games

The PlayStation Plus Collection it is, or was, one of the benefits of PlayStation Plus that Sony left exclusively for PlayStation 5 buyers.

It is a collection of 20 initially (later there were 19) “greatest hits” of PS4, which could only be obtained for free on the next-gen console, among which are God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Batman: Arkham Knight or Monster Hunter: World.

However, from May 9, 2023 They will no longer be available, and the promotion will immediately disappear, and will not be available to future purchasers of PS5 with PS Plus.

But if you have PS5, you still have time to claim them! These games work like monthly PS Plus games: if you claim them, that is add to your libraryyou keep them forever, and you can delete and download them without fear (as long as you have an active Plus subscription, of course).

This is the process for save PS Plus Collection games and play them forever on your PS5.

How to save all PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection games

The process to claim PS Plus Collection games is very simple. For this, of course, you must be subscribed to PlayStation Plusin any of its three modalities (Essential -the cheapest-, Extra and Premium).

Another important fact is that this it can only be done physically from a PS5: If you don’t have it yet, you won’t be able to claim the PS Plus Collection games from the web or the app, as can be done with the monthly games, valid on both PS4 and PS5.

That’s the pity: users who buy a PS5 after May 9 and subscribe to PS Plus will no longer be able to get these 19 great games from the Collection, which is why it’s so important that you claim them now, since so you keep them forever!

  • First, in the PS5 dashboard select PlayStation Plus (it is the option located on the far left)
  • Once inside, go down to the second section, “Benefits of the new PlayStation Plus”, and scroll to the right until you find “PlayStation Plus Collection”.
  • Once inside, click on “See games” and the list with all the games in the PlayStation Plus collection will appear (there are 19)
  • Now, you have to go game by game. If any of the games are already in your library or have been purchased, they should show up like this, with the Download option (and you shouldn’t do anything else):
  • Otherwise, instead of “Download” the option “add to library“. Just click on that option and the game becomes ours, making sure we can download it even when the PlayStation Plus Collection services come to an end.

All the PS Plus Collection games that stop being available on May 9

These are all the games in the PS Plus Collection, available for free until May 9, 2023 for PS5 users.

There are 19 games. At first there were 20, but last year Persona 5, the only one from Sega, got off the wagon (it was the basic version of Persona 5, not the Royal one).

By following these steps, you can add to your library all these games so you can keep them forever, as long as you have an active subscription to PS Plus.

Unfortunately, this means that those who buy a PS5 after May 9th they will not be able to benefit from the games of the PS Plus Collectiona short promotion of PlayStation Plus.