How to see all the endings of Sons of the Forest: requirements to see the good, bad and secret ending

How to see all the endings of Sons of the Forest: requirements to see the good, bad and secret ending

The game of fashion is no longer Hogwarts Legacy. And it is that Endnight Games has turned the networks upside down with the launch (in early access) of Sons of the Forestsurvival game for PC that takes over from the cult title The Forest.

For now it is only available in early access via Steam. The final version is expected to arrive later this year, with a period of six to eight months in beta.

Sons of the Forest ya It is one of the most watched games on Twitch., and on its debut it crashed Steam with more than two million copies sold to date. Big streamers like IlloJuan are already enjoying it.

But, like everything in life, Sons of the Forest has an end. Or rather, several. In this guide we explain how to unlock all title endings in its early access version.

All Sons of the Forest endings and how to unlock them

Nothing is as it seems in Sons of the Forest. This survival game is set in a huge forest, but we also go through other settings such as a beach, a cliff or even long tunnels covered in lava and darkness.

Sons of the Forest cuenta con three different endings, although in reality they all start from the same climax. Depending on the decisions we make, one or the other will be shown.

We have the good and bad endings, which are the ones most Sons of the Forest players will have unlocked. However, there is a third ending, which in the end is the final one.

Be careful, because from here we have no choice but to mention SPOILERS of the game. In case you have not reached the end (or are not playing it), we ask you please do not continue reading.

once you cross the golden gate In Sons of the Forest, you’ll have to go through different facilities made up of corridors, tunnels or chambers filled with lava.

If you manage to escape from the mutants and overcome these dangers, then you will have reached another golden gate. A cinematic plays, in which countless clones disappear…to reveal a huge futuristic city.

It is then when lightning strikes from the sky, and we can see a planet next to its satellite. There is no time to breathe, because suddenly a fearsome giant mutant starts chasing you.

From here comes the crucial moment: you are on the coast, and you see a helicopter. Further there is also a backpack, but it is obvious that said helicopter will get you out of this clone hell.

good ending

It’s the simplest ending of all, and doesn’t really have any plot depth. To unlock it, do what anyone would do: go to the helicopter to pick us up.

In case Kelvin isn’t dead, you’ll soon see that he’s joining you on your spectacular escape. We could say that you have fulfilled your mission successfully. You will get the achievement ”Fought Demons”.

Final bit

Quite the opposite of the good ending. Instead of going to the helicopter, take the backpack that is beyond… which implies that you will have no escape.

Of course, accessing the bad ending of Sons of the Forest will make you unlock an achievement: ”Fight Demons”for your Steam collection.

secret ending

The hidden (and true) ending of Sons of the Forest is only available if you’ve managed to keep both NPCs alive. We talked about both Kelvin and Virginia.

To unlock this ending, Kelvin and Virginia must accompany you on your adventure to the end.. This implies that both must survive the hard fighting of the final stretch of the game.

In case all three survive, just take the helicopter and you will see that Virginia also manages to flee the place (it is the only difference with the first ending, where only Kelvin can survive). Also, the game te recompensa con el logro ”Keep Your Friends Close”.

Sons of the Forest is available in early access via Steam. You can buy it for 28.99 euros, and for now it is not clear if the game will come to PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

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