How to sign up for the beta of Monster Hunter Now, the new from the creators of Pokemon Go

How to sign up for the beta of Monster Hunter Now, the new from the creators of Pokémon Go

If you think you know everything about Monster Hunter, wait until you see what Niantic (creators of Pokemon GO) and Capcom have prepared for you. A few days ago they announced Monster Hunter Now, an augmented reality game that It will arrive in September 2023 on iOS and Android.

Monster Hunter Now is a perfect spin-off for the Capcom saga, which turns hunting into a real element for our walksas it happens with the captures and expeditions of Pokemon GO.

Although the title doesn’t come out until September, Capcom and Niantic have announced a closed beta for Monster Hunter Now, which is held next week (from April 25).

If you want to sign up for the beta and try out what Monster Hunter Now is like before launch, in this guide we share how to sign up for the beta de Google Play Store y App Store.

Monster Hunter Now Beta: How to Sign Up

Monster Hunter Now is scheduled to launch next September of this year (no date yet). It will be a free and downloadable title through the digital stores of iOS and Android.

Earlier, starting on April 25, Capcom and Niantic are holding a closed beta of the game. This version is not entirely representative of the final game, but it serves to present all its novelties and mechanics.

Since it is a closed beta, to register it is necessary to pass a pre-selection. Only 10,000 players will be able to participate in this game test Monster Hunter Now.

To sign up for the beta, you must enter this link. It will take you to the official Monster Hunter Now website, and you will need to fill out a form.

The form is made up of very simple questions (name, age, gender, email) as well as questions about whether we are fans of Monster Hunter, or what is our experience with the Capcom saga.

Of all the forms, only 10,000 will be approved. How to know the decision? Starting April 25 the lucky ones will receive an email with your Monster Hunter Now login details.

There are some aspects of the beta that you should know about. To begin with, it is not in Spanish, although you can switch between english and japanese.

Also, the Monster Hunter Now beta does not allow the transfer of saves to the final version. In other words, everything you get will be lost along the way, and you won’t be able to use it when the release version arrives.

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