How to skip in Resident Evil 4 Remake the goat head area, the room with the dynamite and the wrecking ball

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Although it is advisable to go through the games calmly to enjoy each of the moments, it is likely that you may also be interested in setting a speed record in your different games, something quite common in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

In fact, there are a number of areas in Resident Evil 4 Remake that can take us quite a few minutes to get through, but there are ways to skip them to save a few minutes.

We are talking exactly about the goat head puzzle, also about the room with the dynamite and also when we have to use the wrecking ball to break down a wall.

And it is that with these simple tricks, we will be able to literally skip all these puzzles in just a few seconds, saving us a lot of time in this remake of Resident Evil 4.

How to skip in Resident Evil 4 Remake the goat head area, the room with the dynamite and the wrecking ball

How to skip the goat head area

We will arrive in chapter 9 when Leon and Ashley collect different heads to complete a puzzle of the headless statue, and we have to visit three different rooms, each one with a puzzle to overcome.

Thanks to this jump we will be able to pass this puzzle without facing any enemy.

Well, specifically when we go to collect the goat’s head for the statue, we are going to locate a bridge in the gallery room that takes you directly to this goat’s head.

Unfortunately, when we have passed the middle of the bridge, an enemy will pull a lever so we will not be able to access it first.

After that, we’re going to have to fight through a room to get to the lever and get the bridge back up, but we can skip this by having some kind of explosive we can throw at the lever.

Once the explosive has reached the lever you will be able to move towards the goat head and when the enemy gets close to the lever the explosive should kill them so they can no longer pull the lever and will allow us to skip this area by crossing the bridge and getting the goat’s head.

How to skip the dynamite room

In chapter 11, when Leon and Luis find a part of the mine that has collapsed, we are going to have to go to another room full of enemies, but we can skip this situation.

To go through this cave, without facing the enemies, we must use something with a large amount of explosive power, for example, the rocket launcher.

It can be any type of rocket launcher that you have obtained, and all you have to do is fire a rocket at the rubble wall to clear a path without needing to obtain the dynamite.

How to skip the wrecking ball puzzle

In chapter 14, after meeting with Ashley, we are going to have to protect her while using a wrecking ball to break down a wall so they can escape.

We’re going to have to defend Ashley against different waves of enemies for several minutes while the wall weakens, but we can skip all this stuff.

Basically we need a powerful team to help Ashley break down the wall.

What you really need is three regular grenades, or two heavy grenades or else shoot a rocket towards the wall to help weaken it.

While you’re not going to directly destroy the wall, if you already weaken it, with a single hit from the wrecking ball, it will open, skipping the rest of the waves of enemies.

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