How to solve Poppy’s quest puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, Bird in Hand

How to solve Poppy's quest puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, Bird in Hand

During your adventure through Hogwarts Legacy you will come across a number of riddles, mysteries and quests that require you to solve certain puzzles. One of those challenges is given to you by Poppy and you might choke.

Therefore, so that you do not waste much time in Hogwarts Legacy trying to find the solution, here we will clarify everything without problems. This is what you need to do to solve the Bird-in-Hand puzzle in-game.

How to solve Poppy’s quest puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, Bird in Hand

Poppy Sweeting will give you a series of quests at a certain point in the game, once you have completed Professor Rackham’s test. After this you will be able to attend Professor Howin’s class related to magical creatures, where you will meet poppy.

Once the main mission is completed you will be able to obtain another series of quests where you can help the character to save other fantastic creatures. The eighth mission is Bird in Hand and in it you will have to locate the Snidgets.

However, before reaching your destination you will have to open a door by solving a puzzle something fucking Its location is marked on the map and to start open this door first you must place the opal previously obtained.

What you have to know about the door is that basically, two symbols light up. In front of the door is a mechanism with two light-emitting pillars that move along a circle-shaped rail.

In order to solve the mechanism you will have to move the pillars using Acciobut instead of placing them at the position of the symbols, you have to put them in the opposite position inside the circumference so that each pillar provides light to the indicated symbol.

So you will have completed the challenge. Here we leave you with how to change your house in Hogwarts Legacy after choosing the sorting hat or how to get an exclusive mask and robe for FREE with its launch in PS5, Xbox Series X|S y PC.

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