How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy arrow puzzles and access the three treasure chambers

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy arrow puzzles and access the three treasure chambers

In our adventure through Hogwarts Legacy we are going to have to overcome a lot of puzzlessome simpler than others, but there are some specific ones, like those of the blocks with arrows, that are somewhat more complicated.

And it is that throughout the adventure of Hogwarts Legacy We are going to find a series of treasure vaults that we can open, but the bad thing is that for this we must first solve a puzzle related to blocks with arrows.

And solve these puzzles of the blocks with arrows It can be relatively easy once you know how it works, but at first it can end up affecting the learning curve of Hogwarts Legacy.

So we are going to tell you the procedure to overcome these puzzles with the arrow blocks of Hogwarts Legacy and likewise the three related treasure vaults.

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy arrow puzzles and access the three treasure chambers

First we must make it clear to you how these puzzles of the blocks with arrows are solved.

Each of these puzzles is missing a number of blocks, and you have to look at the arrow for the blocks that are there and the specific pattern.

Basically what we have to do is place the missing block using the Accio and Wingardium Leviosa spells and then use the crosshead to change the direction of the cube while using the spell.

Treasure Vault of the Tower of Saint Bakar

The first puzzle of this type that we are going to find is in this tower, just to the south of it along the river. The pattern of this puzzle is simple, where two equal columns are offered on the outside with the opposite column in the middle.

The solution to the puzzle is the down arrow in front of the two outer blocks.

Feldcroft Treasure Vault

We must go north from the city until we find a den of trolls and then continue northwest until we locate a ruin. Note that first you must find the spell block to the east along the edge of the rock and drop it on the spell plate.

You will have to use Levioso to levitate and open the vault.

As far as the actual solving of the puzzle is concerned, just look at the top row of arrows, where you’ll see that all but the bottom arrow are represented, so that’s what must be placed to complete the puzzle.

Rockwood Castle Treasure Vault

We located it to the west of the castle, from the flame, go west along the road, until you reach the intersection, and from there head southwest until you locate the entrance to the vault.

About the puzzle in particular, on the right side are the puzzle blocks you have to solve and on the left side the pattern you have to follow.

So the key is to pay attention to the number of blank blocks to determine which row the black arrows match up with, and there are two blocks that need to be placed to solve the puzzle.

So with this, you know how these arrow block puzzles are solved in Hogwarts Legacy, specifically the three treasure vaults.

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