How to solve the three Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy (exploration challenge)

How to solve the three Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy (exploration challenge)

Without a doubt, Hogwarts castle is a magical place and full of things to see. the essence of Hogwarts Legacy rest in this unique location. But we know that many can be intimidated and may even overlook some details.

One of the hidden challenges of Hogwarts Legacy hardly leaves information to the players, therefore, here we help you complete the three secrets and thus get a few extra rewards.

How to solve the three Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy (exploration challenge)

The first of the secrets It is on the bridge that you see in the image. You can easily access it from the main lobby, near the library annex. You only have to have a requirement if you want to solve it.

You need to have the spell Fire and once you get hold of it you must look at the plate on the floor and match the symbols of the four torches on the bridge with those indicated on the plate.

the second secret It is in the courtyard of the clock tower, in the south wing. To solve this challenge you will need to have the spells Allohomorous y Momentum stop. It’s time to complete the challenge:

To do this, go from the courtyard of the clock tower to a few doors and then go up some stairs. Both in the courtyard and when going up the tower you will see four doors with symbols.

To open them, use the Momentum Arrest spell just when the pendulum of the clock is positioned on the symbol on the door we want to open. By opening all four, the secret is solved.

the third secret It is in the director’s office. To enter you will have to sneak inside. Once you are in it you must turn left to find the most private area of ​​that area.

Here you will find the admission key what you should pick up Once you have it, head down the stairs outside through the hallway to some large black doors at the opposite end. The final secret of Hogwarts awaits you behind

We hope this information has been helpful to you and here we leave you a series of extra guides that you will find very interesting to continue exploiting the game to the fullest.

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