How to start Dead Cells Return to Castlevania content and unlock Richter mode

How to start Dead Cells Return to Castlevania content and unlock Richter mode

Dead Cells arrived a few years ago, but the brilliant Motion Twin game hasn’t stopped receiving content ever since. The roguelike, metroidvania has collaborated with a number of indies and sagas and now it also does so with Castlevania.

Return to Castlevania is the new content that adds to Dead Cells. However, given the magnitude that the game has been acquiring, you may have doubts about how to start playing this vampire DLC. Here we solve any doubt.

How to start Dead Cells Return to Castlevania content and unlock Richter mode

Well, the truth is that you will not have to play too much Dead Cells if what you want is to enjoy Return to Castlevania as soon as possible. We are going to tell you what you should do whether you already have a game started or if this is your first time.

In the event that you have started a new game you must comply a single requirement within Dead Cells to unlock this content: die three times. Once you have done this, from the Prisoners’ Cell, the initial area of ​​the game, head down.

At some point you should see a group of bats, something that will show you the way to go. There is no question of where you should continue. Now you will see a staircase and nearby will be a very recognizable character for any fan of the saga: Richter Belmont.

When you talk to him and he tells you what all this mess is about, you will be able to access the Outskirts of the Castle, the new biome of this DLC. Although this story is not the only novelty of the game, since a new mode is added to Dead Cells.

Richter mode is also available and to unlock it (play as the character) we must defeat Death and continue towards the Castle Clock Tower, where you should see a golden hourglass.

When you interact with the object you will be transported to an inverted room where you will see Richter trapped in a cage. Release it and continue on your way. If you die and go through the area again, visit this room again.

At that time you can interact with the cage to play as the character of Castlevania. His set of movements is very similar to that seen in several of the games in the series. So now you know… to kill vampires.

Have you never played Dead Cells? Well, it’s one of those games that you find almost by chance and that ends up becoming one of the mandatory ones both to dedicate hours of play and to disconnect at a given moment. It’s fun, it’s snappy, and most of all, it’s very well done.