How to Start Hogsmeade’s Haunted Shop, One of the Best Hogwarts Legacy Quests (PlayStation Exclusive)

How to Start Hogsmeade's Haunted Shop, One of the Best Hogwarts Legacy Quests (PlayStation Exclusive)

Hogwarts Legacy it is not immune to the usual exclusivity agreements in the industry. In fact, similar to Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man exclusivity, the PlayStation versions of Hogwarts Legacy have content exclusive.

The content is secondary, and the game is fully enjoyable also on Xbox Series X/S and PC. But if you have a PS5, you will be able to access an exclusive mission, the enchanted shop (it will also be released on PS4 in April), which is also one of the most spectacular missions.

Do you have the PS5 version or the (future) PS4 version? This is how you start Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation Exclusive Quest.

Do you play on PC, Xbox or Switch? This is all the content you will miss…for a limited time! Content exclusivity is only temporary: Keep reading to know more:

How to start Hogwarts Legacy’s Own Business quest

The exclusive mission is called Own business. You will not have to do anything to unlock it, just progress through the game in the main story, until the winter season. It is quite a stretch of the game, so you will have to wait a long time until you find her: play slowly and after the third task of Niamh Fitzgerald you will receive the mission.

The quest isn’t too difficult, but it’s quite a long dungeon. It is about a shop in Hogmsmeade that they will sell us for only 1,500 gold, a ridiculous amount… but because the shop is haunted (don’t have any money? This trick will allow you to get a lot of money).

All the exclusive content of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation (and when it stops being so)

When you complete the Own Business quest, you will be left with the shop in Hogsmeade. It will be your own business, although unfortunately you can’t do much with it: it will simply be an inventory of objects.

After the quest, you will be rewarded with this set of merchant cosmetic items, an outfit that cannot be obtained in the other versions.

Of course, it will not be exclusive forever. In the trailer with which they accompanied the exclusivity announcement, they confirmed that This content will be exclusive for one year, that is, until February 10, 2024.

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