How to start the missions of Drug Wars, the DLC of GTA Online

How to start the missions of Drug Wars, the DLC of GTA Online

with the new upgrade From GTA Online Drug Wars, we have new content that you will be able to take advantage of to increase the narrative and get a lot of new vehicles and weapons.

However, the process to begin this expansion Drug Wars in GTA Online It’s not entirely intuitive, and there are players who don’t really know how to start activating the first set of missions that are already available.

And it is that the first part of this update consists of six missions that you can play both alone or cooperatively with up to four players, to wait for the second update at the beginning of 2023.

So you don’t waste time, we teach you how to start the First Dose missions for GTA Online.

How to start the missions of Drug Wars, the DLC of GTA Online

The missions First Dose they require you to complete various tasks for the gang of Fooligans led by Dax.

Specifically these are the missions:

  • Welcome to the Troop.
  • Designated driver.
  • fatal raid.
  • Uncontrolled substance.
  • Make war, not love.
  • Off the rails.

How to start the quest set

  • You must first receive a phone call from Ron Jakowsi
  • Then you have to go to the Ace Liquor store in Sandy Shores
  • You will only have to interact with the yellow crown at the entrance of the store to start this set of missions.

We are not going to reveal what each of the missions contains so that you can find out for yourself, but throughout the missions you will unlock a lot of things and businesses, such as the following:

  • The Freakshop.
  • Tiled 6×6.
  • Acid lab.
  • Fooligan Jobs.

Especially important is the acid laboratory, where you will require a series of previous elements.

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