How to Transfer Files from PC to Steam Deck: The Easiest Methods to Transfer Mods, Media Files and More

How to Transfer Files from PC to Steam Deck: The Easiest Methods to Transfer Mods, Media Files and More

Steam Deck is one of the great joys that gamers have taken in 2022. Valve has finally made the definitive leap into the gaming scene, betting on a hybrid system similar to Nintendo Switch or consoles like AYA Neo. This is Steam Deck, Valve’s console-PC.

Surely many of you have already had it for a long time… or you may have won one with The Game Awards 2022 contest. Steam Deck is for much more than just playing.

Did you know that you can connect Steam Deck to a PC? Of course, and it is also a great advantage to send mods and multimedia files to your Valve console. You can do it in different ways.

With this guide we will show them how you can send files from a PC to Steam Deck, and not lose yourselves in the attempt. There are also some alternatives beyond the main method, so let’s get down to business.

How to move files from a PC to Steam Deck

Steam Deck is the portable console you’ve always dreamed of. And, as with Nintendo Switch, also you can place it on a dock (or docking station) to play on a monitor or TV.

Another very interesting option is to connect the Steam Deck to a PC, and thus transfer files to your Valve system. You can send movies, photos, music or even mods for your games.

The latter is the most interesting thing we can achieve with file transfer. There are many mods that are not natively available for the Steam Deck… but it can be easily worked around.

This way you can send your favorite mods to the Steam Deck in a few minutes. Only then will you achieve the ultimate experience in Valve’s hybrid system.

There are different methods to send files from a PC to the Steam Deck. It is possible to connect the console to any PC whose operating system is Windows or Linux.

Send files with Warpinator and Winpinator

Warpinator/Winpinator es a free program that you can download on both PC and Steam Deck. It is available for Windows and Linux operating systems, and its operation is very simple. Here you can download it for Windows and here for Linux.

To download Warpinator on a Steam Deck, just Access the Discover app and look for it in the list of available programs.

Once you have Warpinator/Winpinator installed on both your PC and Steam Deck, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Steam Deck to PC
  2. Launch the Warpinator program on Steam Deck and Winpinator on your PC
  3. On your PC, select the device path on the Steam Deck storage drive (in this case, the internal system memory), via the tab General in the settings.
  4. In Warpinator (Steam Deck), you need to go to the tab Connectionand set a group code.
  5. Then go to the tab preferences in Winpinator (PC), and set the same code you entered in Steam Deck’s Warpinator.
  6. Now you have to wait for both programs to link with the same group code on both devices.
  7. Add the files you want to transfer from the Winpinator interface on your PC.
  8. Select in send files and accept the notification that will appear on your Steam Deck. Done, you already have your beloved files.

File transfer via micro SD or USB

It is another alternative to send files from a PC to the Steam Deck. Of course, keep in mind that you cannot use the same drive that you use as storage expansion from the Steam Deck… unless you want to format it, of course.

A second note: in order to make the transfer you must switch your Steam Deck to desktop mode. And also keep in mind that the console will only read files in exFAT format.

Send files with a NAS device

It’s basically a similar method to Warpinator/Winpinator, but it works through a network connection between your PC and the Steam Deck. A NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is the ideal option if you want to send files from a Mac (it’s the only method, in fact).

To do this, switch your Steam Deck to desktop mode, and download dolphin file explorerwhich your Mac uses.

Link your Mac with Steam Deck via NAS network connection, and proceed to send files. Please note that this option will only work if you have the Dolphin browser.

These are the three methods you can use to send files from a PC (running Windows or Linux) to a Steam Deck. Remember that you can also connect your console to a television or monitor thanks to the docking stations (or dock).

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