How to unlock all characters, levels and weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode

How to unlock all characters, levels and weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake's Mercenaries mode

In addition to the main story that we can enjoy in Resident Evil 4 Remakewe also have the mercenary mode that will be another of our next stops and to which we will dedicate a lot of time to beat our scores.

The good thing about Resident Evil 4 Remake’s mercenaries mode is that it will allow us to release a lot of adrenaline for hours while we get rewards along the way.

On the other hand, you will have to meet a series of requirements if you want to unlock all the additional characters in the remake of Resident Evil 4each of the levels and even the special weapons.

So that you have it easy, we tell you the requirements that you must meet to unlock absolutely everything in the mercenary mode of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to unlock all characters, levels and weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode

unlocking all characters

At the beginning of the mercenaries mode, we will have Leon S Kennedy available, but we can unlock up to three more characters, basically once we have passed a stage with at least an A rank that is obtained by reaching 100,000 points with the previous character.

The thing would be like this:

  • Leon S. Kennedy: you have it unlocked at the beginning.
  • Luis: You have to complete any stage with Leon S Kennedy, getting an A rank.
  • Krauser: Complete any stage with Luis, getting an A rank.
  • Hunk – Completed any stage with Krauser reaching an A rank.

unlocking all levels

They are unlocked in order:

  • The Town: Available by default.
  • Castle: When you complete a run in the village, I know how to unlock the castle.
  • The island: as soon as you finish the castle stage, the island will be available to you.

How to get the hand cannon

Or through story mode or mercenaries mode.

We must finish the game once and thus unlock the professional difficulty.

Then we have to complete the professional difficulty in a new stage, but without choosing new game +.

Here we must meet the requirement not to use additional special weapons such as the rocket launcher, the primal knife or the Chicago sweeper.

  • To get the hand cannon, through mercenaries mode:

You have to get an S rank in all three stages. Rank S is achieved by getting a score of 200,000 points.

Once you get it you will have the hand cannon available in the bonus menu in the extra content of the store, and we will have to invest 1000 points.

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