How to unlock and use Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Marvel Snap, a real time bomb!

How to unlock and use Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Marvel Snap, a real time bomb!

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the latest addition to Marvel Snapa card released in the middle of the March 2023 season, Days of Future Past, on March 21.

Negasonic is a little-known mutant character, who debuted in New X-Men in 2001, with powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which he combines with his strength to create destructive explosive charges.

The character was made famous in the Deadpool movies, played by Brianna Hildebrand, and his current comic book canon powers have been based on those in the movie… and that includes the Marvel Snap, too.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead tiene 3 cost and 4 powerand his ability: “After ANY card is played here, destroy this and that card“.

Negasonic, therefore, belongs to the Destroy archetype, one of the most popular for the fun synergies you can get by destroying your opponent’s cards (or usually your own) to get various benefits.

But Negasonic has a peculiarity: can destroy your card, or the opponent’s: Depends on who plays the next card at that location. Will you use it to destroy and activate your effects, or set traps for your opponent?

How to Unlock Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Marvel Snap

Negasonic Teenage Warhead debuts in Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card, which means it’s Ultra Rare. Currently, there are only two ways to get them:

  • Buying it in the token shop (the shop refreshes every 8 hours and cards you don’t have come out) for 6,000 collector tokens (which is a very rare currency that can only be obtained by playing)
  • In Collector’s Caches and Reserves, by leveling up the Collection. But it only has a spawn rate of 0.25%.

Unlike Collection Pass cards (such as Nimrod in the March season), Negasonic cannot be obtained by paying.

For most Marvel Snap players still completing Pool 3 or still in the first 500 collection levels, the only realistic way to get it will be to wait a few monthsto that there is a “Series Drop” and they lower it from Pool 5 to Pool 4 and then to Pool 3.

How to use Negasonic Teenage Warhead: best combos

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the closest thing to a time bomb in Marvel Snap. When you play it and it’s revealed on the board, the next card played at that location, whoever it belongs to, will be destroyed along with Negasonic.

Negasonic can be useful for decks with cards that benefit from being destroyed: such as Wolverine (2-2), which when destroyed regenerates at another location with +2 power; Bucky Barnes (2-1), when destroyed it transforms into the Winter Soldier, with 6 power; Sabertooth (3-4), which each time it is destroyed returns to your hand at 0 cost; o Nimrod (5-5), which when destroyed adds a copy to other locations.

In that sense it can serve as a card to destroy, style Carnage, Deathlok and Killmongerwhich also having neither effect On Reveal nor Continuouswill not be countered by cards like Cosmo.

The “endgame” of destroying cards in any deck will be to empower cards like Death (9-12), which reduces its cost by 1 for each card destroyed in the game; and Fuck (6-0)with the combined power of all cards destroyed in the game.

Negasonic as a time bomb to blow up the opponent’s cards

The problem with using Negasonic to sacrifice cards is that it’s a sacrifice of 4 power points on most plays (except with Knull). In fact, before the launch SecondDinner has already “buffed” the card, because It was announced with 2 power, but it finally came out with 4 power.

That leaves us with a more interesting use of Negasonic, which can nullify the opponent’s plays: use it as trap to blow up opponent’s cards. If you place Negasonic, his location becomes a bomb – the next card you play will be destroyed.

This can be a double-edged sword: if your opponent is playing cards like the ones described above, it will benefit him, and a lot, your effect.

But if you don’t play those cards, you will have annoyed him but well: It will basically nullify one of their cards and can give you “early” victory at that location if the opponent is out of cards and turns to sacrifice the first card they play and then finish off with another.

That is why it is so important to know who reveals first in Marvel Snap, to know if in the turn you will activate Negasonic before the opponent shows his cards.

If you want to mine Negasonic to prevent the opponent from continuing to play in that location, you need to make sure you don’t reveal first, or else the bomb will “explode” sooner than expected.

Negasonic is not going to become a top tier card, like Thanos, but we think one of the most “playful” cards from Marvel Snap, which can cause all kinds of unpredictable situations in games… although it can easily explode in our hands! A pity that most players will not be able to acquire it for many months…

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