How to unlock daily missions in Honkai Star Rail

How to unlock daily missions in Honkai Star Rail

Life does not end in Genshin Impact, they should have thought in the HoYoverse offices. And that’s why his new game, Honkai: Star Rail, is here, which changes fantasy for science fiction, despite the fact that both games have many similarities at all levels.

Honkai: Star Rail is available free for PC (Epic Games Store) and mobile devicesamassing more than 20 million players and $42 million in revenue.

If you are new to Honkai: Star Rail, maybe you should use these 20 tips and tricks to start playing. However, the issue of daily quests still remains to be resolved.

In this Honkai: Star Rail guide we explain what are daily missions, how to unlock them and what rewards they can give you for your HoYoverse game characters.

Daily missions: what they are and how to unlock them

In Honkai: Star Rail we can play in different ways. There are currently four major events on the banner, in addition to the main mode, known as Trazacaminos Level.

As we progress in this mode we will get more characters, weapons and rewards (Stellar Jade, Cones of Light and more). But it’s not the only way to play Honkai: Star Rail.

Do you know the daily missions? They are also called training missionsand each day you can complete a total of cinco.

HoYoverse offers five training missions each day. At the time of server maintenance (around 4 in the morning of each day), these are exchanged for another fiveand so on.

Upon completing each daily quest, Honkai: Star Rail rewards you with Star Jade, Cones of Light, Relic upgrades, and even unique combat abilities.

How do you unlock daily missions? At first you will not be able to access thembut don’t worry, because we explain how to get them in Honkai: Star Rail.

To unlock the daily or training missions you must go to the planet Jarilo-VI and complete the Trazacaminos missionThe long wait for the sword’s edge”. It will take you around four hours (it’s similar to the Archon quests in Genshin Impact).

That rewards can we get with the daily missions of Honkai: Star Rail? Below we detail this section:

  • Pathfinder Level Experience (up to 1000).
  • Stellar Jade (60 max).
  • Credits (30,400 as a limit).
  • Lost Gold Shards (maximum 9).
  • 3 Star Adventure Records.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for free on PC (as an Epic Games Store exclusive), iOS, and Android. HoYoverse is developing a version for PlayStationwhich does not yet have a release date.

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