How to unlock Master Mold in Marvel Snap and tricks to use (with sense) this risky letter

How to unlock Master Mold in Marvel Snap and tricks to use (with sense) this risky letter

Master Mold arrives at Marvel Snap as a new card from Pool 5, introduced in the March season, Days of Future Past. Since we already had the Sentinels, now Master Mold is added, a villain who works as a “portable factory” for Sentinel robots to hunt mutants.

Master Mold is a letter of 2 power and 2 energy. On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinels to your opponent’s hand.

Wait how? Yes, the effect of Master Mold is that of add two Sentinel cards (2-3) to your opponent’s hand. An effect that can be harmful and beneficial for the rival at the same time.

The objective is to fill his hand with two Sentinels that increase the size of his hand and can reduce the number of cards they draw by ruining (or slowing down) his strategy, something that can benefit us if we use a card that is almost essential to combine with Master Mold: Ronan the Accuser.

On the other hand, the rival can also use said Sentinels, which would benefit Ronan… but also themselves: the Sentinels (2-3) have effect When Revealed: Add another Sentinel to your hand.

Does this new letter make sense? With this card we “give away” two 2-3 cards to the opponent who can use them against us. In this Marvel Snap guide we will see…

How to unlock Master Mold in Marvel Snap

Master Mold debuts in Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card, which means it’s Ultra Rare. Currently, there are only two ways to get them:

  • Buying it in the token shop (the shop refreshes every 8 hours and cards you don’t have come out) for 6,000 collector tokens (which is a very rare currency that can only be obtained by playing)
  • In Collector’s Caches and Reserves, by leveling up the Collection. But it only has a spawn rate of 0.25%.

Unlike Collection Pass cards (such as Nimrod in the March season), Master Mold cannot be obtained by paying. For most Marvel Snap players, the only realistic way to get it is to wait a few months, until there is a “Series Drop” and they drop it from Pool 5 to Pool 4 and then Pool 3.

Strategies for using Master Mold

But, if you have most of the other cards already, and you have 6,000 tokens saved, is it worth it to spend them on Master Mold, with other Pool 5 cards coming out this season?

Master Mold is an interesting card, but a priori it doesn’t seem like it’s going to redefine the meta like Zabu or Silver Surfer did.

As we said, the best possible combo with Master Mold is Ronan the Accuser (5-3)which is from Pool 3 and has an effect Ongoing: Receive +2 power for each card in your opponent’s hand.

Ronan is like a Devil Dinosaur in Reverse: Gain more power for each card your opponent has in their hand, so the strategy is clear: the goal is to fill your opponent’s hand with Sentinels, capping them so they can’t get rid of them even if you play them (remember that Sentinel’s power is to summon another Sentinel to hand).

Knowing this, there are cards that can come in handy to either double Ronan’s continuous effect or cause Master Mold’s reveal ability to trigger twice, such as:

  • Wong (4-2): Continuous: Your Revealing abilities at this location activate twice
  • Absorbing Man (4-3): If the last card you played has a On Reveal effect, this card copies it.
  • Mystique (3-0): If the last card you played has continuous effect, this card gains it
  • Odin (6-8): Activate the Revealed effects of your other cards at this location

In these cases, you must take into account when to play Master Mold if you want to enhance its effect.

Absorbing Man allows you to duplicate the effect of Master Mold used on turn 2 on turn 3, then play Ronan on turn 5 and empower him with Odin on turn 6.

But if you want to use Wong or Mystique, you would have to play Ronan on 5 and then play Wong first and Master Mold later on turn 6which would deprive you of using Odin or other stronger cards, and risk everything on this strategy…

Master Mold is a risky card, and works more as a support for Ronan, as can cards that limit the cards the opponent can play, such as Sandman (5-5): Players can only play 1 card per turnwhile filling their hand with cards like Baron World (2-3): Your opponent draws a card and converts it to cost 6 o Maximus (3-7): Your opponent draws 2 cards.

After all, the Sentinels that we give to the opponent can also be used by him (and with 2 cost and 3 power, they can be used to reinforce several locations at the same time), or even use them for his own benefit if they have a Devil Dinosaur who gains power for each card he has in the deck, fill a location to Ant-Man

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