How to unlock Thanos in Marvel Snap and why the letter is so broken

How to unlock Thanos in Marvel Snap and why the letter is so broken

What is the most cheated letter of Marvel Snap? Without a doubt, Thanos is the star of the metagame in Marvel Snap, and no wonder: it is one of the most unique cards, because it not only has a huge power of 11 with cost 6, it also adds 6 cards to your deck (the infinity gems) enormously versatile?

But how is Thanos unlocked? That’s the bad thing… being the most special card in the game means it’s very hard to get: it’s Series 5 (Pool 5), and unlike the rest of the cards, it’s never going to have a “Series Drop” to make it easier to get.

Here’s how to unlock Thanos… and why he’s so special.

How to Unlock Thanos in Marvel Snap

Thanos is a perpetual Pool 5 card: Marvel Snap studio SecondDinner has confirmed that Thanos is part of a select group of “greatest villains”, along with Galactus and Kang, who are NEVER going down from series 5.

Most Series 5 cards drop down to Series 4 and then Series 3 over time, greatly increasing your chances of getting them. But with Thanos it won’t happen.

That means there is only of the ways to get Thanos:

  • Buy it in the token shop for 6,000 tokens in the shop
  • Have infinite luck so that it comes out in the collector’s reserves (it has a ratio of 0.25%).

How to use Thanos in Marvel Snap

Thanos has 6 cost and 11 energy. That means you’ll have to wait, under normal conditions, for turn six to set it up, and gain 11 energy which is almost unbeatable (and it’s been buffed, because before it was 8 energy).

Many 6 cost cards have such high power at the cost of having Adverse effects. Consider Destroyer (6-15), for example, which has an insane 15 power, at the cost of destroying all your other cards.

Thanos, on the other hand, does not even have such a counter effect… quite the opposite: if you have Thanos in your deck, will shuffle all six infinity gems into your deck at the start of the game, and you can draw them at any time.

These six 1-cost cards have various effects, but you can only get and play them by having Thanos in your deck:

  • Mind Gem (1-1): Draw two gems from your deck (when revealed)
  • Power Gem (1-3): If you played all 6 gems, Thanos has +10 power (continuous)
  • Reality Stone (1-1): Transform this location into a new one, and draw a card (when revealed).
  • Soul Gem (1-1): Draw a card when revealed. Enemy cards have -1 power here (continuous)
  • Space Gem (1-1): Next turn you can move a card to this location Draw a card (when revealed)
  • Time Gem (1-1): Draw a card. Next turn you will have +1 energy (when revealed)

The only infinity gem that has no effect on itself, but will be needed to get the master move: if you’ve played all six gems, Thanos will have +10 power at the end.

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