How to update the Stadia controller to use it via bluetooth on PC, mobile phones and compatible devices

How to update the Stadia controller to use it via bluetooth on PC, mobile phones and compatible devices

Today is a sad day for the video game industry, because it is never easy to say goodbye to a console, or in this case a game service. Google Stadia, Google’s great dream in the industry, no longer available this morningafter the closure announced a few months ago.

This means that You will no longer be able to play, navigate or consult the Google Stadia interface. Luckily, many developers have provided alternatives to continue playing Stadia titles on other platforms, and not lose progress along the way.

We also have good news to share: the official Google Stadia controller can be updated and used like any Bluetooth controller on different devices, despite the closure of the service.

Of course, first you must apply an update and configure the Stadia controller by following a series of steps. In this guide we explain how to activate the bluetooth function after the closure of Google Stadia.

How to use the Stadia Controller on other devices

First of all, Google hasn’t tested the Stadia Controller on all devices, so at this time it’s not clear if it’s possible to use it on PS5/PS4, Xbox consoles, or Nintendo Switch.

Through the Google support page, we can find out which devices are 100% compatible with this remote, although some features (such as haptic vibration or microphone) may not work properly.

These are compatible devices with the Google Stadia controller:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 11 + Steam
  • MacOS® 13 + Steam
  • ChromeOS
  • Android

In order to use the Stadia Controller on these devices, Wi-Fi connectivity needs to be disabled first patented from the Google service, and thus activate the Bluetooth mode of the remote.

By enabling Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, the Google Stadia Controller can be used like any other controller on PC, Mac and mobile devices thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

NOTICE: The change is absolutely permanent. After the Bluetooth firmware version is applied, the Google Stadia Controller will not be able to regain Wi-Fi connectivity. The update will no longer be available from January 1, 2024 (inclusive).

Enabling Bluetooth mode on the Stadia Controller

If you have a Google Stadia controller, a USB cable, and a PC with Google Chrome (version 108 or higher)then you can enable Bluetooth mode through the official Google Stadia website.

Follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the Stadia button until the light on the controller turns on.
  2. Connect the Google Stadia Controller to a PC running version 108 or higher of Google Chrome.
  3. Launch Google Chrome and go to this link.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your controller.

Once this is done, the Google Stadia controller will already have enabled Bluetooth mode, so you can connect via Bluetooth to a PC, Mac or Android device without any problem.

If you use a PC with Linux. you may have to apply a number of specific settings through the command console to finish the process.

Connect controller wirelessly, wired and Tandem

The Google Stadia Controller can be connected in two different ways to a compatible device. Also, you should know that you can enable Tandem mode (two players) after the closure of the platform.

To connect a Stadia controller via Bluetooth, just enable Bluetooth on the device you want, then press and hold the Stadia button (until it flashes orange).

Once paired (after completing the process by selecting Stadia from the device’s connectivity menu), the controller’s LED color will change to white.

In the case of a wired connection, all you have to do is connect the Google Stadia controller to the device using a USB-C cable.

Finally, the Tandem mode consists of connect one Stadia controller to another using the USB portwhich will make the device (PC, Mac or mobile) recognize two players in games that have cooperative mode.

In this way, you will be able to continue using the Google Stadia after the closure of the cloud gaming service. For now it is only possible to play on PC, Mac or Android, but who knows if it will be enabled for consoles or iOS in the future.

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