How to use Discord on PS5

How to use Discord on PS5

Thanks to the last update for PlayStation 5 finally one of the most popular communication platforms such as Discord, receives the integration of voice chat.

This is a long-awaited integration for PlayStation 5 users, who will now be able to seamlessly join their voice chat Discord corresponding and without using another device.

Although the setup process is not complicated, there may be questions about it, and we want to solve them for you in this beginner’s guide.

We are going to talk to you about the configuration process so that you can connect both accounts as accurately and quickly as possible.

How to use Discord on PS5

All the steps you must follow to use Discord on PS5:

update the console

You will only be able to take advantage of this new functionality if you have the latest update for PS5 Already downloaded and installed.

If when you turn on the console you see that you do not have the update available, you can do it manually, by going to the console settings, then selecting the “system” tab, then “settings and system software update” and finally selecting ” update the system software”.

Connecting a PlayStation Network account to Discord

After the above, we must now go to the Discord application, which you surely already have installed, then to the “user configuration” option, then we must select “connections” and finally click on the PlayStation logo.

After that, we will be redirected to the official site of PlayStationwhere we must log in with our PlayStation Network account and thus link the Discord account.

Note that if you already linked these accounts before the update, you must hit the “X” to disconnect them and reconnect them for it to work correctly.

We will only have to access the PlayStation tab, within the “connections” section, and click on the option to grant voice permissions.

Transfer voice to PlayStation 5

After the previous configuration and the permissions granted, you will be able to join your favorite voice channels from any device.

First while you’re in the channel on mobile, you need to click on the names in the sidebar so you can bring the call to full screen.

From there, you can scroll up to access the settings and you should see an option that allows you to join on PlayStation.

On desktop, you have to follow the same steps to make the call in full screen, and click on the phone icon and game controller in the bottom left next to the invite button, and from there select “transfer to PlayStation” so that we can definitely use voice integration.

And that’s it, during a call, by touching the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller, you will be able to directly access the voice channel where you will be able to adjust the volume, change the channel or leave the call, among many other things.