How to use Tatsugiri and Dondozo’s Command Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Competitive Battles

How to use Tatsugiri and Dondozo's Command Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Competitive Battles

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple introduced over 100 new Pokemon to the Paldea region. Two of the coolest are Dose y Tatsugiriand if you have passed the game, surely you have already captured, because Dondozo is one of the bosses of the legendary route… you have

The game already explains the symbiosis between these two creatures: Dondozo, the giant catfish, let live in your mouth to Tatsugiri, the nigiri-shaped fish, which also has three different shapes (curved and orange, languid and red and straight and yellow),

First, Tatsugiri it’s not a strong Pokemon you want to get into your team. He has low health, attack and defense. But actually the two complement each other well, as Tatsugiri has better special attack, special defense, and speed.

In the story, you will see that actually the head of the legendary route, in search of magic spices, was not Dondozo but Tatsugiri. And that symbiosis can be seen in the fighting… but only the double bouts.

Command: How to use this Tatsugiri ability… to get into Dondozo’s mouth

During the story you will only fight two Pokemon at the same time on a few occasions (such as the village gym in the snowy mountains). And the Command ability, which is Tatsugiri’s, can only be seen in double combat.

Is command ability from Tatsugiri will activate automatically if you bring out a Dondozo and a Tatsugiri on your team at the same time (put both Pokemon at the beginning of your team). Automatically, Tatsugiri will go into Dondozo’s mouth.

What is Command for? When Tatsugiri is inside Dondozo’s mouth he boosts all of his stats, Attack, Special Atk, Defense, Special Df, Speed ​​and HP.

Thanks to that, all his attacks will be much stronger, but there is one in particular that is worth highlighting: Ear Kitchen. If you use that move on Dondozo when he has Tatsugiri in his mouth, it will increase his stats even more.

And here it does depend on the type of Tatsugiri that has been “eaten”!

  • Orange: Increases attack
  • Red: Increases your defense
  • Yellow: Increases your speed

The downside of this symbiosis is that you lose a combat turn, since being inside Dondozo, Tatsugiri cannot attack. Thus, it is a 2 against 1.

But if Dondozo is knocked out, Tatsugiri will still be alive, with the same health and condition he was in before he got inside Dondozo, and you can continue the fight.

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