How to watch the secret ending of High on Life

How to watch the secret ending of High on Life

There are few games as cool and bizarre at the same time as High on Life. No wonder, because it is the new video game from Squanch Games, a studio directed by Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty). A crazy adventure in outer space awaits us.

High on Life is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC since last December 13, and you can also play it on Game Pass at no additional cost. Is it up to Rick and Morty?

Beyond inevitable comparisons with the iconic animated series, this cute and thug FPS introduces us to a human, who becomes a galactic bounty hunter to save humanity. Soon she will meet Kenny, a talking gun. how do you hear…

High on Life is a very fun adventure that is worth discovering for yourselves. Did you know that it hides an alternate ending? We teach you how to unlock it.

The other ending of High on Life… what points to a sequel?

We love secrets, and luckily the Squanch Games title has one in the form of a hidden ending. You may think that nothing can surprise you at the end of the game, but you are wrong.

Have you finished the main story of High on Life yet? In that case you should know that you have not seen the true ending. The Squanch Games Boys they hid an ending that only the most skilled discovered without help.

And, to make matters worse, this hidden ending leaves the doors open to a possible sequel in the future. Of course, it remains to be seen if High on Life is successful enough to give the green light to a second part.

To be able to see the hidden ending of High on Life it is mandatory that you have finished the main quest. That is to say, that you have already defeated Garmantuous, and also with the different members of G3.

High on Life’s hidden ending is found in the game’s post-game, specifically in Human Havenbehind a secret door that you have not discovered yet.

Having said that, you must follow the following steps to see this ending:

  1. At the end of the end credits, select the option to Continue the adventure.
  2. Use the Bounty-5000 and then access the planet selector in the menu.
  3. Select Nova Sanctis, and specifically the location Clugg’s Office.
  4. Go to your desk and pick up the key card.
  5. Go back to using the Bounty-5000. Select the Unknown Sector in the selector.
  6. Travel to Human Haven.
  7. When you get to this place, look up and you will see that there are a series of ledges that you can climb up with your jetpack.
  8. Go up these ledges until you see a door with red lights.
  9. Open this door with the key card you picked up on your desk, and you’ll see the hidden ending.

Not only will you have seen the true ending of High on Life, but the game rewards you with a secret achievement and you will also have hopes of seeing a future sequel of the Squanch Games title. Oh, and you can continue playing after seeing this new ending.

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