Jeff the Shark: Who Is The Adorable New Marvel Snap Card And How To Unlock It

Jeff the Shark: Who Is The Adorable New Marvel Snap Card And How To Unlock It

The April 2023 season is the cutest of Marvel Snap, because its protagonists are animals. “Animals Assemble” incorporates Hit Monkey as a Season Pass card, and three new cards added to Pool 5.

The first one last week was Snowguard, and this week (since April 18) it’s up to Jeff the Baby Land Sharkundoubtedly one of the strangest cards from one of the most unknown characters in the Marvel Universe.

Where does this little shark come from? And how to unlock it in Marvel Snap? Worth? We answer all your questions in this Marvel Snap guide.

Who is Jeff the Land Shark?

Jeff the Baby Land Shark is one of the most recent Marvel characters, having debuted in issue West Coast Avengers 7published in 2019, written by Kelly Thompson.

It is about a shark on which they carried out experiments to give them legs so that they can live on land.

Gwenpool decided to adopt Jeff, being just a baby, and he was later kept by Deadpool, where he became a recurring character of the Merc with a Mouth, although he also starred in his own series, It’s Jeffpublished through the Infinity Comics format, exclusive to the Marvel Unlimited mobile app.

How to Unlock Jeff the Shark in Marvel Snap

Jeff the Baby Land Shark debuts in Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card, which means it’s Ultra Rare. Currently, there are only two ways to get them:

  • Buying it in the token shop (the shop is renewed every 8 hours and cards you don’t have come out) for 6,000 tokens collector’s (which is a very rare coin that can only be obtained by playing)
  • In the Collector Caches and Reserves, when raising the level of Collection. But it only has a spawn rate of 0.25%.

Unlike the cards in the Collection Pass, Jeff can’t be obtained by paying real money…unless you use money to buy Gold and then the Tuesday Token Bundles.

For most Marvel Snap players still completing Pool 3 or still in the first 500 collection levels, the only realistic way to get it will be to wait a few monthsto that there is a “Series Drop” and they lower it from Pool 5 to Pool 4 and then to Pool 3.

How to use Jeff in Marvel Snap

Jeff (2-3): You can move this card once. Nothing will stop you from moving or playing this card to any location..

Jeff is a 2 cost, 3 power card that fits into the movement archetype (cards that can be moved from one location to another to redistribute their power, activate effects…).

The key is that you can place Jeff (either by playing it from hand or by moving it from another location) in any location, bypassing possible restrictionsas Sandman (which prevents playing more than one card each turn), Ebony Maw (which blocks locations for you), Electro (you can only play one card each turn) or Professor X (blocks locations for everyone).

This will also allow you to counter effects from locations such as Space Throne (there can only be one card per player in this location) or Plunder Castle (only 6 cost cards can be played).

The result is a card that benefits or can benefit other movement card synergies (Kraven, Human Torch) while also overcoming some of the more annoying restrictions that prevent playing or moving cards in locations. And it’s so cute!

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