Kittens and monets in Marvel Snap: how to get the new cards and variants of the April season

Kittens and monets in Marvel Snap: how to get the new cards and variants of the April season

Marvel Snap celebrates its cutest season in April 2023. Between Marvel Studios movies (the next season will be about the Guardians of the Galaxy, of course), in April 2023 they celebrate the animals of the Marvel universe.

Animals United is the name of the April 2023 season on Marvel Snap, which introduces several new lettersall of them wild, as well as variants of the pets that were already in the game (Goose and Cosmo).

In fact, from now on you can buy the Season Pass and get Hit Monkey, while for the others you will have to have a little more patience… unless you have saved those precious tokens.

New April Season Card in Marvel Snap: Hit-Monkey

As in all seasons, there is only one card that is exclusive to those who pay.

Is about Hit-Monkey: When Revealed: You gain +2 Power for each other card you played this turn..

This letter can only be obtained if you buy the paid season pass, which costs 10,99 euros(o 16,99 the Premium+, which automatically advances the season pass 10 levels). Also exclusive to the pass are the new variants of Cosmo and Goose (the perrette and the cat).

As always, the Season Pass cards can be obtained later without paying, although you will have to wait until next month for them to be added to Pool 5.

New Pool 5 cards in Marvel Snap

Three more cards will be added to Pool 5 throughout the month:

  • Nimrod: April 4
  • Snowguard: April 11
  • Jeff the Land Shark: April 18th
  • Stegron: April 25th

Nimrod (5-5)

Nimrod: 5 power, 5 cost: When destroyed, add a copy to the other two locations. We already offered you a guide to this letter last month (it was the letter of the March season).

Snowguard (1-2)

While in your hand, this card transforms into a hawk or bear each turn.

  • Snowguard (Hawk): When Revealed: Ignore all placement abilities next turn.
  • Snowguard (Bear): When Revealed: Activate the effect of this location.

Jeff (4-5)

You can only move this card once. Nothing prevents you from moving or playing this card at any location.

Stegron (4-5)

When Revealed: Move an opponent’s card from this location to another.

Remember that Series 5 cards can be obtained by raising your collection level or in the token shop, without having to pay real money.

Here we give you more information on how they are unlocked (but remember that you must be at least collection level 486which implies already having all the cards from Series 1 and 2 to start “removing” cards from Series 3, 4 and 5.

New Marvel Snap Locations

The April season will also bring two new locations:

  • Pet Manor: This turn, all cards must be played here.
  • Sandbar: Cards with abilities cannot be played here.

New animal variants

Finally, there will be new variants, such as a new collection of animal variantsfor sale for gold in the shop.

Exclusive to the Season Pass are new variants of Cosmo o Goosewhile for sale in the store (for real money) you will find bundles with cards like Throg, the Thunder Frog, an Avengers pack, or a chip pack with Squirrel Girl.

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