Locations and points on the Hogwarts Legacy map that you should visit as soon as possible

Locations and points on the Hogwarts Legacy map that you should visit as soon as possible

The magical world of Harry Potter has been wonderfully represented in Hogwarts Legacy. The title manages to reflect the essence of the saga like a charm and many of its most iconic locations are in the game.

If you have just started playing Hogwarts Legacy, here we leave you a small list with four of the most important locations that are in the game and that you should visit as soon as you can.

Locations and points on the Hogwarts Legacy map that you should visit as soon as possible

common rooms

The common rooms are one of the big draws for new HogWarts Legacy players. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff y Ravenclaw They present an exceptional design and the identity of each house is captured with great skill.

The problem is that you can only visit the common room of the house to which we belong. Even so, if you feel the urgent need to sneak into the others, know that you can use a bug recently discovered by fans.

The Great Hall

Few places have defined the saga of Harry Potter in a way as forceful as the Great Hall of Hogwarts. This is one of the most special locations in the game.

Without a doubt, if what you want is to start a tourist tour of the castle, this may be one of the best places to start from. There have been so many memorable scenes here that we can’t pick any one in particular.


The small town that has appeared so much in the Harry Potter saga is also in Hogwarts Legacy and the truth is that it is a very important location. It is in Hogsmeade where the vast majority of shops are to buy brooms, clothes, ingredients and objects.

If you start the game, don’t be afraid to head to this town as soon as you can. In addition, in its streets you will also find a good number of activities and events to enjoy if you get tired of the priority missions.

the forbidden forest

It may not be the friendliest location in all of the wizarding world, but since it’s wildly iconic, the Forbidden Forest should be on the list of locations that you have to visit as soon as possible.

Here you will find a lot of things to do and you will find a good part of the fantastic animals that you can find in the game, another of the best activities offered to witches and wizards.

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