Marvel Snap: 5 Tricks Advanced Players Must Master

Marvel Snap: 5 Tricks Advanced Players Must Master

Marvel Snap has been one of the great surprises of 2022. The study Second Dinnerwith the director of Hearthstone, offers a free to play on mobile and PC that is easy to learn and with many cards of Marvel heroes and villains to master.

If you have also fallen into their networks, we are going to give you 5 essential tips to master Marvel Snap and quickly move up in category.

5 Tricks to Master Marvel Snap

Pass turn to save low cost cards

One temptation may be to pass a turn to save energy points… but that doesn’t work like that. You will always have 1 energy in turn 1, 2 energy in turn 2… If in turn 3 you don’t put a card or spend energy, it doesn’t matter, in the next turn you will have 4 energy, not seven.

But just because you can’t save the energy points doesn’t mean that passing a turn without putting a card is useless.

Saving the lowest energy cards, the ones you’d put on turns 1-3, means that on turns 4-6 you’ll have more to choose from: put one powerful 6 energy card… or two 3’s, one 4’s and a 1… that allows you to cover more ground.

When to Snap? Depends on the situation

Snapping is a mechanic that allows you to double your wins at the end of the game… but you’ll also lose double the points if you lose. With this you can earn up to 8 cubes at the end, instead of 2, and many use it at the end of the games, as a sign of confidence.

But is it worth doing? You have a winning hand, you snap to double your winnings, confident… and your opponent freaks out and folds, leaving you without the winnings.

Perhaps the rival does not react, thinking that it is a bluff. There is no written rule, it is a mental game. Some prefer to snap early turns, but perhaps the only safe advice we can give you is to not feel the urge to respond to a snap before analyzing the situation. Only respond if you see you have a winning hand… you’ve probably been bluffed!

Retreat on time is a victory

As we said before, folding means that you will not lose as many cubes as if you lost. And that also means that the rival will not win points.

In the last turn, it is worth looking at whether you really have a chance of winning the game or not. If you think you have at least a secured area, and two others in dispute that force the rival to divide their attentionthen you have a very good chance of winning.

But if you see that the rival is winning two zones, and there is another one in dispute, it is likely that you will lose unless you can occupy both zones at the same time.

There are cards that are played in combo, play as a team!

There are cards that work much better as a team. Study your cards, shuffle them into different decks to experiment, or check your opponent’s strategies.

An example is Moon Girl y Devil Dinosaur (that they are from the same comic give you a clue). If you put Moon Girl, which costs 4 energy, you will double the cards in your hand: if you had 4 fourths, you will have 8.

If you then put in Devil Dinosaur, which costs 5 energy, you’ll get 3 power… +2 power for each card in your hand. If you used Moon Girl before, you’ll get 3 base + 2×8.

Another example is Sunspot, which only costs 1 energy, so you can place it at the beginning of the game… and save turns: for each turn in which you don’t put a card, you will gain +1 energy in the next one. This will allow you to put the devastating The Infinaut, which costs 6 energy and deals 20 energy! But you can only use it… if you haven’t put a letter before.

Take into account the ties

As there are three locations, it is common for there to be ties. These cases are decided by the number of points. In the event that a player wins one location each, and the third location is tied, the tie is broken by adding the total points of all locations.

That is, if you have won a location with 12 points, you have lost another with 4 points, and the other is tied at 6 points, your total points add up to 22. If it is a number greater than the rival’s sum of points, you will win.

These tiebreakers are always counted by adding up ALL locations, so it’s important to always get the highest score possible, even when you’ve given up a location.

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android and how to get the Christmas rewards, don’t let them slip away!

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