Marvel Snap: Best Decks Featuring Zabu, The Savage Land Card (January 2023 Season)

Marvel Snap: Best Decks Featuring Zabu, The Savage Land Card (January 2023 Season)

The first season of 2023 in Marvel Snap (which last a month) is prehistoric. Wild land It is the January 2023 season, and if you buy the Season Pass (it costs 10.99 euros) you will immediately get Zabu, a new letter that players who do not pay will not be able to access (with a variant at the end of the pass).

Zabu it is a medium cost card, 3 energy, and only 2 power. In return, it has a very interesting Continuous effect: 4 cost cards cost 2 less energy points.

The community has already started testing it in different decks, naturally with a lot of 4 cost cards, and here are some of the best decks for Zabu in Marvel Snap.

Best uses of Zabu, the card of the new season of Marvel Snap

Kazoo + Zabu

This deck is a variant of Kazoo, a popular deck among Marvel Snap players, particularly during the beta period, before nerfearan cards like Strong Guy (4-4) or Hell Cow (4-6)which previously cost two energy points less.

Some players interpret the arrival of Zabu as a nod to those times, because his ability makes them cost 2 energy again instead of 4.

The goal of this deck is to take advantage of the power of Zabu to make it easier for us to get rid of all the cards in hand on the last turnwhich will activate the ability of Strong Guy: gain +6 power if we have no cards in hand.

To do this, we can take advantage of the discard cards, of which all of these are in Pool 1 and Pool 2 (with the exception of Hellcow), so it is also an easy deck to make if you have not yet reached Pool 4 and 5.

Zabu + Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is one of the most popular Marvel Snap cards for its synergy with Moon Girl and also White Queen. The objective is the opposite of the other deck: to have more cards in our hand, the more the merrier, so that Devil Dinosaur (5-3) gets +2 power for each card in our hand.

The role of Zabu, which we put in on turn 3, is to make it easier to play Moon Girl and White Queen at the same time on turn 4, something that would otherwise be impossible (each costs 4 energy), and thus check the maximum to the Dinosaur, which we will play in the next turn.

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