Marvel Snap Had a Serious Bug, and Now ALL Players Will Receive a FREE Ultra Rare Card

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Marvel Snap is one of the most popular mobile games currently. This card game is updated every week with new cards, integrated into seasons that last for a month (this week, for example, the most adorable card in the game, Jeff the Shark, has been released).

This rhythm of a new letter per month (added to Pool 5, Ultra Rare and very hard to get unless you have a lot of tokens) causes Marvel Snap to occasionally bug.

Fortunately, when an error occurs, the study usually rewardIt will be the affected players… and incidentally, the rest of the players. And because of a serious mistake with a letter, within a month all the players let’s get kitty pryde for free.

Free Kitty Pryde for ALL players, or 8,000 chips for those who purchase it

In the March season he debuted Kitty Prydeone of the most popular mutants, with a 1 cost, 0 power card, but it gains +2 power each time it returns to your hand.

But a few days after leaving, Second Dinner removed Kitty Pryde from circulation due to a technical problem causing bugs that “breaked” the game. The studio decided to remove it from the token store, and prevent everyone who had purchased it from using it.

Naturally, players who had saved up tokens to buy it in the shop, or unlocked it by leveling up the collection, were disappointed. But Second Dinner has taken notice, and there is going to be compensation:

If you had bought Kitty Pryde,

  • you will receive 8,000 tokens
  • you will receive a avatar de Kitty Pryde
  • Both rewards will arrive in your mailbox during this week (see the icon in the lower right corner)

The rest of the players

  • EVERYONE will receive FREE the new version of Kitty Pryde
  • This will arrive in may patch (mid-May)

A more than generous compensation for those who bought it (it originally cost 6,000 chips), but also for the vast majority of players who didn’t buy it, because they will receive an “Ultra Rare” card from Pool 5 for free within a month.

We will have to wait for the May patch (probably the Tuesday May 16) to receive it, yes.

How the new Kitty Pryde works in Marvel Snap

Kitty Pryde has been “reworked”, and her behavior has changed slightly. Previously “You may return this card to your hand to gain +2 power”, but now the description is clearer-

  • Kitty Pryde (1/0): When returned to your hand, +2 power. Returns at the start of each turn.

Therefore, Kitty Pryde will now return to your hand automatically after each turn, giving you +2 power in the process. Keep in mind that the card costs 1 energy, so if you play it and then it comes back turn after turn, it could end the game with 6 power, or more! Unless they destroy it in the process…

Remember that Kitty Pryde will arrive in the mailbox of ALL Marvel Snap players in the May patch, in the middle of May (probably the patch out on tuesday may 16).

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