Marvel Snap: how to get all Christmas rewards

Marvel Snap: how to get all Christmas rewards

Marvel Snap He has a lot to celebrate on his first Christmas. The game by Ben Brode, director of Hearthstone, has established itself as one of the most popular mobile games among players, critics, fans of card games, and Marvel in general.

To celebrate the holidays, the studio Second Dinner has prepared a series of rewards during all the holidays in Marvel Snap. In addition, new card packs are released.

This is the list with all the Christmas rewards in the Fiestaverse in Marvel Snap and how to get them, don’t miss them!

Marvel Snap: how to get all Christmas rewards

Marvel Snap rewards can be obtained from the Mailbox. To get to it, click on the icon at the bottom right, in the newspaper, and then look for the mailbox option. You must log in every day to claim them!

The event rewards will last for 14 days. they started on December 20 and end on January 2. These are all Marvel Snap Christmas rewards:

  • 12/20: 100 credits
  • 12/21: 30 Boosters
  • 22/12: 100 oro
  • 12/23: 100 credits
  • 12/24: 150 credits
  • 12/25: Letter from Nick Fury autographed by Samuel L. Jackson
  • 26/12: 200 oro
  • 27/12: 200 oro
  • 12/27: 50 credits
  • 12/28: 30 boosters for Angela
  • 12/29: 100 credits
  • 12/30: 30 power-ups
  • 31/12: Chapa Black Panther
  • 01/01: 500 credits
  • 02/01: 200 oro

In addition to the rewards, they are going to distribute some new ones festive variants that can come out if you open a Collector’s Reserve. They are variants of Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, and Rogue.

In the store they will also sell a winter themed pack for a limited time, which includes the following:

  • Variants of Sunspot
  • Avatar by Sunspot
  • 2000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 8000 credits
  • 100 Sunspot boosters
  • Title: Shall we eat some tacos later?

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android.

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