Marvel Snap: how to get the Season Pass cards without paying

Marvel Snap: how to get the Season Pass cards without paying

Marvel Snap It is a complete success on iOS and Android mobiles, where it is free to play. And part of that is due to how easy and fast it is to get cards in the early hours of the game (and its generous marchmaking with people of our level), which means that we do not get bored and frustrated.

However, like any free to play game, it has paid components. In addition to welcome packs or the ability to buy gold with real money, Marvel Snap has a Season Pass, which costs 10,99 euros.

It includes the opportunity to get new variants of already existing cards, but also completely new cards… and exclusive to the Pass: they are premium cardswhich will only be unlocked by whoever pays.

At first, at least. Because yes, there is a way to get the cards from the Marvel Snap season passes without paying (although you will have to wait).

Marvel Snap: how to get the Season Pass cards without paying

Each season of Marvel Snap runs for four weeks. If the price of each season are 10,99 eurosa very high cost to pay table by month.

Fortunately, none of the Marvel Snap cards are fully premium. The variants of other cards (three per season) are exclusive to the pass, but it is only cosmetic content.

There is 1 exclusive card for each season (which you unlock as soon as you buy the pass), but it will be possible to get it for free from the following season.

Mind you… it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Season-exclusive cards are added to Pool 5 the following season, and Pool 4 later

Let’s take as an example what has happened this month, in the season Wild landof January 2023, whose pass card is Zabu. Last season, El Poder Cósmico, had as its exclusive letter Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer was released in the game on December 5, 2022. Only those who bought the season were able to unlock it.

However, since January 4, 2023, the same day that the Wild season began, Silver Surfer was added to Pool 5.

If we go back further, when Silver Surfer was released on December 5th, Black Panther was added to Pool 5, which was the exclusive card of the November season. Black Panther was the first Season card to be added the following season.

Next January 31, Black Panther will be “relegated” and will drop from Pool 5 to Pool 4 in the first Marvel Snap Series Drop, so it will be easier to unlock.

How to unlock cards from Pool 5

Unlocking the cards in Pool 5 is very difficult. Those of Pool 5 are ultra rare (0.25% chance that they will appear in a collector’s reserve, or 12.5% ​​chance that they will appear in the Token Shop (for 6,000 tokens), in both cases after you have the collection level 500.

Those from Pool 4 are already somewhat less rare: 2.5% chance of coming out in collector’s reserves, and 25% chance of coming out in the store, for 3,000 tokens.

Since Marvel Snap officially launched in October 2022, the only premium exclusive cards have been Black Panther, Silver Surfer, and Zabu (Miles Morales, from the October season, went to Pool 3), and it looks like they’re all going to be able to. keep unlocking for free without paying… but waiting a few months (and being lucky with the drops).

Therefore, the rhythm will be the following: each season there will be an exclusive letter for those who pay for the pass. The following month, that card will go to Pool 5. Two months later, that card will go to Pool 4. And later on, it could go down to Pool 3, where it would be much easier to obtain.

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