Marvel Snap: how to unlock Kitty Pryde, is she worth buying from the token shop?

Marvel Snap: how to unlock Kitty Pryde, is she worth buying from the token shop?

Kitty Pryde is the last card of the X-Men season of Marvel SnapDays of Future Past, which like almost every season of the game, has only lasted four weeks.

From the 28th March you can unlock Kitty Pryde as part of Series 5, which means she’s pretty much out of reach for players who haven’t already completed Series 3.

But after the changes in the last update, which affected the card shop and obtaining collector tokens, getting Series 5 cards is now easier than beforeso it is worth knowing if this 1 cost and 0 power card is worth it, with a curious effect…

How to Unlock Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap

Kitty Pryde (1 Cost, 0 Power): You can return her to your hand to gain +2 power.

Kitty Pryde debuts in Marvel Snap as a Series 5 card, which means it’s Ultra Rare. Currently, there are only two ways to get them:

  • Buying it in the token shop (the shop refreshes every 8 hours and cards you don’t have come out) for 6,000 collector tokens (which is a very rare currency that can only be obtained by playing)
  • In Collector’s Caches and Reserves, by leveling up the Collection. But it only has a spawn rate of 0.25%.

Unlike the cards in the Collection Pass (like Nimrod in this March season), Kitty Pryde cannot be obtained by paying.

For most Marvel Snap players still completing Pool 3 or still in the first 500 collection levels, the only realistic way to get it will be to wait a few monthsto that there is a “Series Drop” and they lower it from Pool 5 to Pool 4 and then to Pool 3.

How to use Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a curious letter, for it is from cost 1and the rarer cards in series 5 or 4 are usually not that low cost.

However, Kitty Pryde has a very interesting effect: you can return it to your hand at any time to get +2 powerand repeat this process as many times as you want.

If you want to make a deck focused on Kitty Pryde, a must-have combo is Beast (2-2)by its On Reveal effect: Return all your other cards in this location to your hand, and they cost 1 less.

Therefore, the ideal would be to play Kitty Pryde on the first turn (or as soon as it comes out) and immediately afterwards (on the next turn or play it after Kitty in the same turn) play Beast so that Kitty returns to your hand, and it will cost 0.

The previous strategy with Beast works especially well if Kitty leads us in the opening hand. But if she doesn’t come out, we already have Quinjet (1-2) to counter: cards that don’t start in your deck cost 1 less.

Another card that will automatically benefit from Kitty’s moves is The Collector (2-1): Each time a card enters your hand, gain +1 power.

And similarly it works Sunspot (1-1)which at the end of each turn gains +1 power for each unspent energy.

Two very popular cards in the Marvel Snap meta that can work well with Kitty are Moon Girl (4-4) y Devil Dinosaur. Playing Moon Girl on turn 3 thanks to Kitty’s effect will double your hand, which, if you’ve used Beast before, will give you 2 Kittys that you can play on turn 4, return to your hand on turn 5, and have up to +4 power on turn 6.

In turn, those two Kitties that have returned to your hand at 5 will “feed” Devil Dinosaur (5-3)which will receive +4 power for each card in your hand, and it is a continuous effect.

Finally, is it possible to benefit from Kitty Pryde and gain power? Kitty can be combined with Ironheart (3-0): +2 power to 3 other cards, Ka-Zar (4-4): your 1 cost cards have +1 power, or benefit Angela (2-0): After playing a card here, gain +2 power.

In short, the power to gain more energy with Kitty Pryde can be optimized with cards like Beast or Quinjetand then use that energy as you want, although Kitty, after fulfilling her main function, can be a “invisible” help for Dino or Ka-Zar focused decks.

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