Marvel Snap: How to use Control Sera, a community favorite deck with cards from Pool 1 and Pool 2

Marvel Snap: How to use Control Sera, a community favorite deck with cards from Pool 1 and Pool 2

the community of Marvel Snapa free to play card game on iOS and Android, is very active and usually shares strategies, card combos and decks with interesting synergies focused on some specific cards.

This meta keeps the interest in Marvel Snap alive (and also allows the studio, Second Dinner, to keep track of the most broken cards in case they need to be nerfed).

One of the meta decks that have gone viral these days in the community, thanks to a Reddit post, is the deck Sera Control.

To use it you will need to have cards from the Pool 3 (which you only start unlocking from collection level 486)… although the deck strategy can work for you with cards from Pool 1 and Pool 2.

This is Control Sera, one of the community’s favorite meta decks (Pool 3)

You will not be able to play the Control Sera deck until you are far enough along in the game and reach the Pool 3. In other words, have a collection level of more than 486, from which you will randomly unlock cards from “sack 3”.

Even so, most of the cards are from Pool 1 and 2, so you will be able to create a similar deck. The main objective is to use Sera (which unfortunately is from Pool 3) on Turn 5 to reduce the cost of cards in your handand thus take advantage of Turn 6 to cast multiple low-cost cards to launch powerful Counters.

Therefore, even though it has been built around Serato take advantage of its Continuous effect of reducing the cost of the cards in your hand by 1 and being able to take full advantage of Turn 6, the basic strategy can be used without Sera: save a lot of cheap cards during the game and use them in the final turn.

Based on the community strategy that Control Sera uses, this is what you should do in turns.

Before that, you’ll also want to try to trail throughout the game, so that on turn 6 the opponent reveals his cards first… and you can counter them with your counter cardsmostly Killmonger (destroy all 1 cost cards) Enchantress (removes opponent’s Continuous abilities) y Shang-Chi (destroy cards with more than 9 power).

  • Round 1: Don’t play any cards, not even 1 cost cards (you want to save them for last)
  • Round 2: Play Sentinel to get many copies in your hand, or failing that Angela, or use Scarlet Witch to change locations that limit your energy, like Dream Dimension
  • Round 3: If you already have Bishop, play him now, or play Angela.
  • Round 4: You can play Bishop, Angela or Mysterio, but they recommend you reserve the rest.
  • Round 5: Key moment: play Sera (of cost 5) and thus you will be able to reduce the cost of all the cards for the last turn.
  • Round 6: This is where you can do the “magic” thanks to Sera’s ability. Depending on the situation, Bishop, Mysterio, Nova, Killmonger or Angela will serve you to score, and Killmonger, Enchantress o Shang-Chi They are very useful to counter the opponent’s cards.

In conclusion, the objective of the deck is to give a twist to the usual strategy of Marvel Snap, which is to save powerful 6 cost cards for the final turn. If you look closely, there are no 6 cost cards in the deck, nor any 5 cost cards other than Sera!

By saving some cards in the first few turns, you can get to turn 6 with 1, 2, 3, or 4 cost cards and thus be able to play more than one (and two or even three) cards at the end. Take advantage of the effects of each card to get more out of it at the end than at the beginning!

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android and how to get the Christmas rewards, don’t let them slip away!

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