Marvel Snap: list with all Series 3 cards, how many there are and how to get them (March 2023)

Marvel Snap: tiers of the best cards to buy in the store with tokens

How many cards are in Marvel Snap? That is a trick question, because the game is constantly updated: every week there is a new card, which is added to series 5, that is, it is part of the “ultra rare” cards.

Marvel Snap is divided into 5 series or “pools”, sets of cards. Pool 1 has 46 cards, which you will get by going up to level 214 of the collection level. Pool 2 has 25 cardsuntil you reach collection level 486.

Those cards haven’t changed since the game came out, and by the time you hit set level 486, you’ll already have 71 first cards. But from then on, Series 3 begins, which is the longest… and the one that will take you the longest to get, because the rate at which you get cards from Pool 3 is much slower.

How to get cards from Series 3 and move to Series 4 and 5

closes March 29, 2023exist 87 cards in Pool 3.

They can be obtained in a similar way as you did in Pool 1 and Pool 2, raising the collection levelalthough at a much lower rate, by opening Collector’s Reserves, which do not always guarantee you to unlock cards (you can earn credits, power-ups, tokens…).

Additionally, you can get one free Pool 3 card per month from the Token Shop (which now only sells the rarest cards, Pool 4 or 5, or Ultimate Variants).

This number grows once a month, when a “Series Drop” occurs, which is when cards are downgraded from Pool 5 to Pool 4 and from Pool 4 to Pool 3.

The last of them was on March 21, 2021and the following cards moved from Pool 4 to Pool 3:

Also, there are 14 cards in Pool 4, and 8 cards in Pool 5, according to the Marvel Snap Zone database.

These cards from Pool 4 and 5 are rare and ultra rare, by clicking on this link we will explain how to unlock them.

Marvel Snap Series 3 Card List (March 2023)

With this list of all the Marvel Snap series 3 cards, you’ll be able to keep track of how many you have, and how many you have left to complete the collection, so you can focus on getting the ones in Pool 4 and 5.

  1. Absorbing Man
  2. Adam Warlock
  3. Aero
  4. Agatha Harkness
  5. Agent Coulson
  6. Arnim Zola
  7. Attuma
  8. Baron Mordo
  9. Beast
  10. Black Bolt
  11. Black Cat
  12. Black Widow
  13. Brood
  14. Captain Marvel
  15. Brain
  16. Colleen Wing
  17. Crossbones
  18. Crystal
  19. Dagger
  20. Daredevil
  21. Deadpool
  22. Death
  23. Debris
  24. Destroyer
  25. Doctor Octopus
  26. Doctor Doom
  27. Dracula
  28. Drax
  29. Electro
  30. Falcon
  31. Gambit
  32. Ghost Rider
  33. a giant
  34. Goose
  35. Green Goblin
  36. Hazmat
  37. Hela
  38. Helicarrier
  39. Hellcow
  40. Human Torch
  41. Invisible Woman
  42. Jane Foster Mighty Thor
  43. Juggernaut
  44. Kingpin
  45. Leader
  46. Lockjaw
  47. Luke Cage
  48. M’Baku
  49. Magic
  50. Magneto
  51. Maria Hill
  52. Maximus
  53. Miles Morales
  54. Mister Negative
  55. Mojo
  56. Moon Knight
  57. Mysterio
  58. Mystique
  59. Nick Fury
  60. Omega Red
  61. Energy
  62. Patriot
  63. Polaris
  64. Psylocke
  65. Quake
  66. Quinjet
  67. Red Skull
  68. Rescue
  69. Rockslide
  70. Rogue
  71. Ronan the Accuser
  72. Sera
  73. She-Hulk
  74. Spider-Man
  75. Taskmaster
  76. The Hood
  77. Titania
  78. Thor
  79. Typhoid Mary
  80. Ultron
  81. Venom
  82. Viper
  83. Wasp
  84. Wave
  85. Wong
  86. Yellowjacket
  87. Zero

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