Marvel Snap: the best deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the buffing of the last patch (January 2023)

Marvel Snap: the best deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the buffing of the last patch (January 2023)

Marvel Snap continually update card power based on player feedback. Recently, on January 10th, they buffed and nerfed several cards. Among them Leader, one of the most hated by the community.

Among the cards that buffed were Drax y Big. match that two Guardians of the Galaxy they get buffed at the same time in Marvel Snap… and now making “themed” decks with only the Guardians of the Galaxy characters is more appealing.

Normally, it is not recommended to build decks focusing only on the characters and not on the effects, but this deck, which has all the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, is an option to consider after the buffing.

Deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the buff of Groot and Drax

This Guardians of the Galaxy deck has been tested by Bynx_Plays expressly for the buffing of those two cards.

Big it goes from having 3 cost and 3 power, to having 3 cost and 4 power. In return, its On Reveal ability (if your opponent played a card here this turn, +2 power) subtracts one point (previously it was +3 power: now it’s less risky to use).

Y Drax changed from 4/4 to 4/5, meaning 5 power, same effect Revealed: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 power (was +4 power before) .

The final deck with all the Guardians characters is:

  • Nova 1/1 (Pool 1)
  • Mantis 1/2 (Pool 1)
  • Rocket Raccoon 1/2 (Pool 1)
  • Yondu 1/2 (Pool 1)
  • Adam Warlock 2/0 (Pool 3)
  • Star-Lord 2/2 (Pool 1)
  • Armor 2/3 (Pool 1)
  • Cosmo 3/3 (Pool 1)
  • Large 3/4 (Pole 1)
  • Thor 3/4 (Pool 3)
  • Drax 4/5 (Pool 3)
  • Gamora 5/7 (Pool 1)

The deck author acknowledges that some cards can be changed to have a more competitive deck. For example, you might consider keeping Armor if one of the featured locations that week is a frequent card destroyer, for its continued ability to prevent card destruction at the location (although it also affects the opponent).

Gamora y Adam Warlock (one of the ones in Pool 3, and the one that will take you the longest to get) are good cards to use in tandem as traps. Put Adam Warlock on turn 4 (which makes you draw an extra card from your hand each turn if you’re winning at the location) to lure the opponent to that location and prevent you from winning.

On turn 5, place Gamora at that location, who will gain +5 power if the opponent played a card at that location. Then, on turn 6, you’ll have more cards to play, and many of the Guardians cards are low cost, so you can play multiple cards at once to disperse your opponent’s attention: divide and conquer!

In short, the cards of the Guardians of the Galaxy allow you to develop fun strategies, and this buffing of Groot and Drax allows you to play them without so much risk: the objective at the end of these buffs or nerfs is to encourage experimentation.

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