Marvel Snap: the card you should get as soon as possible in the next April Series Drop

Marvel Snap: the card you should get as soon as possible in the next April Series Drop

He April 18th Marvel Snap’s Animals Assemble mid-season patch takes place, and with it a Series Drop that “lowers” one of the top cards in the mobile game: Shuri.

the letters of Marvel Snap they are divided into five categories by their level of rarity. You will get the first two series of cards (or Pools) simply by raising the collection level: when you reach level 486, you will already have the first 71 Marvel Snap cards.

Thereafter you will begin to unlock Series 3 cards in the same way, raising the collection level and opening Chests and Collector Reservesalthough they do not always guarantee that you can have new cards, gold, power-ups…

In total there are 92 Marvel Snap Series 3 cardscounting the 5 cards that, the next April 18ththey will be downgraded in the “Series Drop” of the month, and therefore will be easier to get.

What are the Marvel Snap Series Drop

The Marvel Snap Series Drops occur once a month, at the mid season patchat the middle of the month.

Once a month, a handful of Series 4 (Rare) cards will be upgraded to Series 3, making them easier to unlock.

In turn, another handful of cards from Pool 5 (the Ultra Rares) will go down to Series 4, so they will be a little easier to get (especially cheaper in the token shop), and potentially being able to go down to the Series 3 a few months later.

April 2023 Drop Series

Cards moving down from Pool 5 to Pool 4

Cards moving down from Pool 4 to Pool 3

  • Shuri
  • Super Skrull
  • Black Panther
  • Bast
  • Valkyrie

On April 18, 5 cards go down from Pool 4 to Pool 3, and 3 cards go down from Pool 5 to 4.

Among them, the essential is Shuri, one of the cards introduced in the Wakanda season, in November 2022 (with the latest Black Panther movie) and which became one of the definitive cards of the game. marvel snap goal.

  • Shuri (4-2): Upon Reveal – Double the power of the next card you play.

With that Unveiled power, Shuri has become a cornerstone of many Marvel Snap decks, to take advantage of the buff your next 5 or 6 cost card will get.

The possibilities are almost endless: filter your 5 or 6 cost cards that you can play after Shuri, on turn 5 and 6, and combine them. Also remember that once a month you can get a free Pool 3 card, so if you see Shuri, take advantage!

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