Marvel Snap: This is the best anti-meta deck today

Marvel Snap: This is the best anti-meta deck today

The metagame of Marvel Snap has been shaken up with its January 2023 Savage Land season, which comes with Zabu (3 cost – 2 power), a card you can play on turn 3 and reduces the cost of 4 cost cards, allowing you to take turns. endings by playing many cards at once, countering all locations.

Players have quickly discovered that the best counter card is Sandman (4-1)a card that most players who want to compete for rank each season will already have, since it is from Pool 2, which you get between collection level 222 and 474.

Sandman is also effective against decks based on Silver Surfer (3-0, gives 3 cost cards +3 power) and Sera (5-4, continuous that reduces the cost of your cards by 1). The main objective is to avoid that in the final turns the opponent can put a lot of cards.

Another very high card on the Marvel Snap tier list is Leader (6-4)which copies all the cards the opponent has played that turn, but on their side, and which you can normally only play on turn 6.

To counter it, one of the best cards is Destroyer (6-15)which has that great power because it destroys all your other cards… so Leader will copy his ability and can ground his play.

Marvel Snap’s Best Anti-Meta Deck in January 2023

So what is the best deck to counter these Zabu and Leader cards? User dekkster shares his deck, Sandman Ongoing Destroyera variant of the popular Destroyer Ongoing (which takes advantage of its Continuous effect of playing only 1 card per turn) and adds Sandman as a counter to Zabu to become the ultimate anti-meta for the current season.

These are the cards in the deck:

  • Ant-Man (1-1) – Recruit Season
  • Armor (2-3) – Pool 1
  • Colossus (2-3) – Recruit Season
  • Lizard (2-5) – Pool 1
  • Mr Fantastic (3-2) – Pool 0
  • Captain America (3-3) – Pool 1
  • Cosmo (3-3) – Pool 1
  • Sandman (4-1) – Pool 2
  • Warpath (4-5) – Pool 2
  • Professor X (5-3) – Pool 1
  • Spectrum (6-5) – Pool 1
  • Destroyer (6-15) – Pool 3

As you can see, most of the cards in the deck are from Pool 1, Pool 2 or even the beginning of the game. The only card that takes you longer to unlock is Destroyer, which you get in Pool 3, starting at level 486.

Destroyer’s presence makes it a risky deck, so if you’d rather not use it, or don’t have it, you might as well play Spectrum (6-5), one of the first cards you get, which gives +2 power to all your cards with continuous effects… including Sandman and all the other 1, 2 and 3 cost cards you’ve set in the first turns.

It’s one of the most interesting anti-meta decks in Marvel Snap!

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