Marvel Snap: Tier list of Series 5 cards, what is the best card in the game?

Marvel Snap: Tier list of Series 5 cards, what is the best card in the game?

The letters of Series 5 of Marvel Snap They are the most coveted by the players of this mobile game, because they are the rarest in the entire game. This Pool 5 is also where new cards are added every week through the seasons.

What are all the Marvel Snap Series 5 cards? In previous guides we have shown you all the cards in series 3 (updated to April 2023) and all the cards in series 4.

Next we leave you with all Series 5 cardsordered by their power in a tier list at the beginning of April 2023, noting separately the four cards that will be added to Pool 5 throughout the month of April.

How to get the Pool 5 cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is divided into 5 series or “pools”, that is, sets of cards. Pool 1 has 46 cards, which you will get by going up to level 214 of the collection level. Pool 2 has 25 cardsuntil you reach collection level 486.

From this moment you can start to get the 87 cards from Pool 3 in the same way (raising the collection level).

Getting the cards from Pool 4 and 5, however, is a bit different. Some you can get at collector’s reservesbut with a spawn rate of less than 2.5% on Series 4 cards, and 0.25% on Series 5 cards.

Therefore, the most effective way to get it is buying in the token shop…but these cards are expensive, and the tokens are not available very often (thankfully, they can’t be bought for real money):

  • Series 5 cards cost 6,000 tokens
  • Series 4 cards cost 3,000 tokens
  • Series 3 cards are no longer sold in the store, but you can get one free per month

Tokens are a very limited resource in Marvel Snap. Therefore, you will have to know well which are the best cards in Pool 5 if you want to know which one to buy first

Marvel Snap: Tier list of Series 5 cards

This tier list of the 8 cards that are part of Marvel Snap Pool 5 is selected by the Marvel Snap Zone experts, and updated to April 2023.

It includes all the cards that are part of Pool 5 during April, and the four cards that will be added to Pool 5 throughout the month.

Numbers like (4-2) first indicate the cost of the card (in this example, 4) and its power (2)-

Tier 1

  • Thanos (6-10): At the beginning of the game, shuffle all 6 infinity gems into your deck (Thanos complete guide)
  • Galactus (6-2): Upon Reveal: If your only card here, destroy the other locations

Tier 2

  • Stature (5-7): Costs 1 less if your opponent discarded a card from their hand in this game
  • MODOK (5-8): Upon Reveal: Discard your hand (MODOK guide)
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead (3-4): After any card is played here, destroy this and that card (Negasonic guide)
  • Kang (5-0): When Revealed: See what your opponent did, then restart the turn (without Kang)
  • Master Mold (2-2): On Reveal: Add 2 wards to your opponent’s hand (Master Mold guide)

Tier 3

  • Ghost (1-2): Continuous: Your cards are always revealed last here (their On Reveal abilities occur last).

New Pool5 cards during April 2023

In addition to the 8 above, four more cards will be added throughout the month of April 2023 to Series 5. More information on these promising cards can be found in the season guide.

  • Nimrod: April 4
  • Snowguard: April 11
  • Jeff the Land Shark: April 18
  • Stegron: April 25

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