Marvel Snap: tiers of the best cards to buy in the store with tokens

Marvel Snap: tiers of the best cards to buy in the store with tokens

Although we have quite a few games of Superheros on the market, very few are related to cards, and thanks to Marvel Snap we can have the best decks of our favorite superheroes.

The problem is that it is likely that you are looking for a particular letter that has not come out until now, but thanks to the token store you will be able to get practically the ones you want.

And here we come in, because we want to offer you a list of the cards that you could buy in the store with tokens, some cards that we are going to order according to their importance.

There will be letters in Marvel Snap that give us advantages in each of the turns, other cards will allow us to get ahead of the rival and others until we see what our adversary has.

Marvel Snap: tiers of the best cards to buy in the store with tokens

We order the cards according to their level of importance:

S-tier cards


You find it at collection level Pool 3 and it gives our cards without abilities two more points of power.

It is a cheap card, and significantly improves cheap cards that have no abilities.

Mister Negative

We also have it in the Pool 3 collection level, and it trades the power and cost of all the cards in the deck.


We also have it at the Pool 3 collection level and it allows us to quickly find the required combo piece in our deck and put it into play. In this way we can change a letter.

A-level cards


Obtained at Pool 3 collection level, it copies all the cards your opponent played that turn, and puts them on your side. You should try to play it as late in the game as possible to offer a strategic surprise.


It can be unlocked simply by upgrading the collection level, and while it was previously only available through the premium access battle pass, it can now also be obtained from the store.

Thanks to this card we are allowed to see the opponent’s move before it happens, specifically on turn 5.


It is unlocked at Collection Level Pool 3 and makes all of our On Reveal cards more powerful.

B-tier cards


Unlocked at Season Collection Level 01, it can reduce the cost of the most expensive cards to 4 energy and also increase the cost of all cheap cards in the opponent’s hand.


It is unlocked at the Pool 3 collection level, and is one of the best cards to reduce the cost of our cards.

With this, you already know which cards to choose and acquire in the store with tokens in Marvel Snap.

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