Marvel Snap: What the notifications in the settings menu mean and how to get rid of them

Marvel Snap: What the notifications in the settings menu mean and how to get rid of them

Marvel Snap It is a game that is constantly growing. Approximately every two weeks there is a new patch that introduces interesting new features, such as Series Drop to make it easier to get new cards, and of course the new monthly seasons.

But in one of the last patches a bug which has affected a large number of players. It was nothing serious… but it was annoying, because the game indicated some notifications from the settings menu that led nowhere.

If it has happened to you, you will have seen it as follows: a number in red that appears on the icon adjustment wheel, as if you had a pending notification. But when you open it, you will not have seen anything.

What the Marvel Snap settings menu notification means

This notification has a reason for being: they are unread message notifications in Player Support chat.

The problem is that you have probably never opened this option.

The solution to this error is simple. Simply go into the settings menu (click on the wheel) and then go down to player assistance (the second option under Report a bug).

You will have to wait a bit for the chat to load. You will see that there is nothing (unless you have used it before of course). When you exit, however, the notification will no longer appear. Simple and obvious when you solve it, but not so much when seeing that unknown notification, and then not seeing anything where it came from…

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