Marvel Snap’s Top 10 Pool 2 Cards, When Things Get Really Interesting

Marvel Snap's Top 10 Pool 2 Cards, When Things Get Really Interesting

The Pool 2 of Marvel Snap, or Series 2, is like the second “dack” of cards (out of five) from which you’ll unlock random cards as you go up in set level. You will not get to it until you have all the cards in Pool 1, which are 46, and you will get from reaching the collection level 214.

Pool 2 are 25 cards in allwhich you will randomly unlock between the collection level 222 and 474 (When you pass level 474 you will know that you already have them all). And in this selection of cards things really get interesting, with some cards with very interesting and effective effects.

Here we have selected our 10 Favorite Pool 2 Cardsfor the strategies and combos that you can develop with them.

Reaching level 500 is like “grading”because from here you will start drawing randomly from Pool 3, which has 77 cards and it will take much longer to complete, since the Random Cards on the collection level progress line are transformed into Collector’s Chests that can have cards… or credits.

Reaching level 500 also means you’ll be able to use the Token Shop to buy cards you don’t have, and you might even get some Pool 4 Rare and Pool 5 Ultra Rare…

But before getting to that, we leave you with our selection of cards from Pool 2 that cannot be missing from your deck:

Marvel Snap’s Top 10 Pool 2 Cards

Bucky Barnes (2-1)

At 2 cost and 1 energy, it doesn’t seem to be very good, it’s even a negative! Except when destroyed: if destroyed, it will create the Winter Soldier in the same position… which has 6 power. It is the only way to play the Winter Soldier card.

If you want to take advantage of this curious ability, combine it with cards with the Destroy ability, or temporarily put it in your deck if there are any prominent locations that destroy cards.

Ebony Maw (1-7)

Ebony Maw is a very risky card, because it has two limitations: you can’t play it after turn 3, and once you play it, you can’t play any more cards in that location.

Very risky, but of course, they are 7 power points at cost 1… and also a good lure to distract the opponent’s attention while you fill other locations.

Cloak (2-4)

Cloak is one of the few cards that allow you to move cards, a very useful ability to throw off your opponent and, in a way, play “free” cards again. Of course: it will be the next turn to play them, only to that location, and both players can do it.

Vulture (3-3)

A good card to play in combo with Cloak, or with other cards and effects or locations that allow you to move, since the Vulture will gain +5 power every time you move it.

Leech (5-3)

This is one of the best cards to “whore” your opponent, as its revealing ability causes ALL of your opponent’s card abilities to be removed from ALL cards in their hand. If he was waiting to play a card on the final turn, this will thwart him. In return, he has very little power.

Morbius (2-0)

A good strategy is to fill your deck with cards that make you discard, and play Morbius as soon as you can. His continuous effect, which lasts the entire game, will make him gain +2 power for each card he has “sucked” the blood of… that is, you have discarded.

The Collector (2-1)

This works similarly to Morbius, but instead of gaining power when you discard a card, it gains +1 power when a card enters your hand from anywhere except your deck.

This can be used with various cards like Moon Girl (which doubles your hand), Sentinel (which summons another Sentinel of the same number), or Agent 13 and Nick Fury, which add random cards to your hand.

Nakia (3-2)

At 3 cost and 2 power, it has a “negative balance”, but makes up for it with a very useful Reveal ability: it will give the two leftmost cards in your hand +2 power. And since the cards you draw into your hand are random, this can have very interesting effects…

Sandman (4-1)

One of the most hated cards by the community for breaking the meta is Sandman, which is also very risky: when you put it up (which will usually be on turn 4, though the sooner the better), both players will only be able to play one card per turn.

Vision (5-7)

A very powerful card, with 7 power, and with a unique ability: it can move freely every turn. It is one of the only cards that can move so freely and thus mislead the opponent and it will be like “playing” it a second time on the final turn.

The Infinaut (6-20)

A very tempting card, it has 20 power! The downside is that you can only play it if you didn’t play any cards in the previous turn (that is, probably the fifth).

It’s very risky to leave the fifth turn unplayed, but if you secure the other locations well in the first four turns, and force the opponent to counter only one of the two, you probably won’t expect to play this almost unbeatable card the next.

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