Marvel Snap’s Top 10 Pool 3 Cards

Marvel Snap's Top 10 Pool 3 Cards

We continue to review the best marvel snap cardsand after seeing the best initial cards of Pool 1 and the best cards of Pool 2, we now come to Pool 3which is the largest and includes about 80 cards.

The exact number of cards in Pool 3 is not constant, since from time to time some cards in Pool 4, that is, Rares, are downgraded to Series 3, to make them easier to get.

Even so, you won’t start unlocking these Series 3 cards until you reach the Collection Level 500 Leveland you’ll unlock them at a much slower rate than you used to when you started Marvel Snap, as random cards rewarded from collection levels are transformed into Collector’s Reserves.

Las Collector’s Reserves have the following card spawn rates:

  • 47.25% – Series 3 letter
  • 2.5% – Series 4 letter
  • 0.25% – Series 5 letter

Reaching level 500 also means you’ll be able to use the Token Shop to buy cards that you don’t have, and you can even get a Rare card from Pool 4 and Ultra Rare from Pool 5…

But before we get to that, we leave you with our selection of cards from Pool 3 that you will know you should add to your deck when you unlock them, because their effects are very interesting and effective used wisely.

Marvel Snap’s Top 10 Pool 3 Cards

Sera (5-4)

One of the key cards in the Marvel Snap meta is Sera, considered one of the best in the game, due to her Continuous ability: cards in your hand cost 1 less energy. Under normal conditions, you will place it on turn 5, which will allow you to have a more powerful turn 6: a 6 that costs 5 and a 2 that costs 1, for example.

Wong (4-2)

Wong’s Continuous effect, which you can place under normal conditions on turn 4, is that Revealed effects trigger twice. A good card to combine with some of the best cards upon reveal, like White Tiger, which adds a 7-power tiger to another location, or Ironheart, which gives 3 other cards +2 power.

Destroyer (6-15)

One of the riskiest cards: its power is unmatched, but its effect when revealed is that it destroys your other cards. Combined wisely, it is one of the best decks to break the meta, protecting other cards from your locations like Destroyer, or Bucky Barnes.

Death (9-12)

A very unique card, the only one that costs 9 energy… but whose price will decrease according to you go destroying cards in the game. With a deck with many cards that destroy cards, such as Venom and Carnage, Killmonger, Deathlock, Deadpool or Shang-Chi… because not only your destroyed cards count, but also the ones you destroy from the opponent, you will have a potential 12 power very cheap .

Wave (3-3)

Play it on turn 3 and on turn 4 all cards will cost 4, allowing you to use very powerful power 6 cards like Odin, Death, She-Hulk or Destroyer in the middle of the game. Keep in mind that the opponent can do the same…

Mystique (3-0)

The ability to reveal Mysticism allows the Continual ability of the last card you played to gain. Combined with cards like the aforementioned Wong, Brood (which adds two equal power 2 clones), Blue Marvel (which gives +1 power to other cards), or Iron Man (which doubles your deck), it’s a really fun option.

Leader (6-3)

This 6 cost card isn’t always the most useful, but if you’re already in the lead in two locations by turn 6, it will be an unbeatable blow, as it thwarts your opponent’s strategy: copy all cards your opponent has played and play them in your field. One of the funniest letters… and also one of the most humiliating.

Daredevil (2-2)

Marvel Snap adapts Daredevil’s “super senses” and its effect will allow you to see your opponent’s move on turn 5 before you play it. A very unique effect that will allow you to counter the opponent, although it has the disadvantage that the opponent will know that you can see his play, and act accordingly to set you up.

Doctor Doom (6-5)

Doctor Doom doesn’t have as “playful” effects as other cards on this list, but if you want to play it safefew are more effective: cost 6, it has 5 power, which is not much, but in exchange it will create another clone of itself with 5 power in another location when revealed.

Lockjaw (3-2)

Lockjaw’s ability causes is traded with a random card from your deck. That could be a lottery: it could allow you to play a powerful 6 cost card as early as turn 3, but it could also play a card that is worse or has an effect you don’t care about. For that reason, if you have Lockjaw it is usual create a deck with a lot of very powerful 5 or 6 cost cardsparticularly The Infinaut or America Chavez.

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