Marvel’s Midnight Suns: how to farm credits and get arcane keys

Marvel's Midnight Suns: how to farm credits and get arcane keys

One of those elements that we are going to want to get in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are the arcane keys, some keys that enable us to open arcane vaults and get a lot of valuable rewards.

There are several ways we have to find arcane keys in Marvel’s Midnight Sunsbut we already tell you that at the beginning of the adventure they will not be exactly very numerous, so you will have to advance a lot.

From there, you can find them in various areas, also fighting daily or with the offering bowl, among other methods that we are going to explain now.

So we offer you all the existing procedures to get many arcane keys in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which will allow us to open those arcane chests that are scattered around the map.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: how to farm credits and get arcane keys

What are arcane chests

As we have already told you, these keys are used to open the arcane chests found in and around the Abbey.

These chests look like wooden chests and contain cosmetic items and varying amounts of resources and coins.

The rarity of the chest determines the rarity of the cosmetic equipment you find inside it and they are divided between gray being common chests, blue being rare, purple being epic and orange being legendary.

On the other hand, these chests reset every few days so you can end up opening them over and over again as long as you have arcane keys.

Ways to get arcane keys

  • Exploring the grounds of the Abbey, and these keys are usually hidden in various areas around these grounds, for example one in the secret tunnel that contains an ember from the forge that is accessed by going down a ladder.
  • Thanks to the bowl of offerings, a great way to get all kinds of resources through the use of artifacts, including these arcane keys.
  • Through the fightssometimes one of the heroes that we have for daily combat can leave some other arcane key.
  • With the elemental rods, each one that we place on the elemental altar will reward us with an arcane key.

Getting more knowledge and increasing our arcane level

  • One way is by inspecting objects around the Abbey such as mystical items, advanced technologies, and books and upon checking them, they will give us arcane knowledge.
  • Through the use of words of power, be it opening secret paths, revealing hidden objects and much more.
  • Or petting Charlie the devil dog to increase your friendship level and which will also give us a small amount of arcane knowledge.

Now you have it much clearer, not only to get the relevant arcane keys, but also to increase our arcane knowledge.