Meet your Maker tips and tricks that you will appreciate before you start playing

Meet your Maker tips and tricks that you will appreciate before you start playing

For years, Dead by Daylight has remained one of the best multiplayer titles on PC and consoles. However, Behavior Interactive is much more than murderers, monsters and chases referring to horror movies.

In fact, the new game from the creators of Dead by Daylight. Meet Your Maker is an original multiplayer first-person shooter.

Unlike what happens in DOOM (a game with which it bears many similarities), Meet Your Maker invites us to build dangerous mazes full of enemies, traps and other nasty surprises. The key is to make things difficult for raiders.

If you are new to Meet Your Maker, and don’t know how to start playing, here are a few tips and tricks for the first games.

Tips to start playing

planning is living

Although the inspiration goes by neighborhood, the first piece of advice that we give you is the following: plan all your moves. It is useless to be ambitious with your constructions, if later you drown in a glass of water due to lack of vision.

In Meet Your Maker you must take into account every detail: the geometry of each room, the effects that your traps will cause on the enemy, or the movements of the rest of the players. Come on, you must plan and avoid improvisations.

Simplify the build process

Building can seem complicated in Meet Your Maker. The reality is that it is a simple action, which is based on three steps: establish the structure, nurture it with guards and traps, and finally add the various cosmetics and decorations.

Warn the players of the danger of your structure. Don’t go crazy, because Meet Your Maker matches are divided into two parts. All is not lost if the raiders manage to rob your base.

Save your best cards for the second wave

And precisely this must also be talked about. In Meet Your Maker matches, raiders will break into the facility to steal the Genmat. In case they succeed, you still have another chance to thwart their plans while escaping from the maze.

Don’t spend all your resources on the first wave. Have a head, and save some unpleasant surprises for the second part of the game. The chances of winning will be greater, and it will also hurt even more.

ambition is important

The best Meet Your Maker players are the ones who think big. We’re also not telling you to plan for a master structure in your first game, but don’t settle for simple and easy to avoid traps.

For example, you can spawn a trap that triggers when a raider takes down your guards. Or when he’s reloading in the middle of a firefight. And be careful, because ambition is not only measured in size. A good structure can be as small as a mouse hole.

Trial and error

The best way to learn how to play Meet Your Maker is to try the cheats yourself. Before starting the game, you can ”become” a raider and check the effectiveness of your tricks.

In this way, you can check if the structure you have created is deadly, or if it is a walk for the rival players.

divide and conquer

One of the best things about Meet Your Maker is that you can play build mode with a second player. In this way, one can deal with the first part, and the second with the escape attempt of the assailants.

You must bear in mind that division is key to winning. And, if you can hurt the raiders (breaking up the group and hindering their strategies), you’ll have a lot to win.

Combine traps and don’t be predictable

A good tip to succeed in Meet Your Maker is NOT to fall into monotony. And also not be predictable in your builds. If you manage to fool the raiders with a jagged and confusing geometry, you can land a killing blow at any time.

In the same way, we recommend combine traps to create more effective obstacles. All this you can try for yourself before.

upgrade your guards

Each guardian of Meet Your Maker can have two active upgrades. It is advisable to apply these bonuses to improve its effectiveness, both offensively and defensively.

For example, the wasp guard can enhance your defense, while the Enforcer guard can launch a powerful burst attack.

Meet Your Maker is available as free PS Plus Essential game for the month of April 2023 for PS5 and PS4. It will also be playable on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Windows/Steam).

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