Merlin tests at Hogwarts Legacy: what they are and how to pass them all

Merlin tests at Hogwarts Legacy: what they are and how to pass them all

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PCSteam Deck, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S thanks to early access, that’s why many players keep asking about some aspects of the game, such as Merlin’s tests and how to overcome them.

The truth is that such challenges in the Avalanche Software game They are very useful, especially to get extra equipment slots.

In essence, they are small challenges with spells which are spread across the magical open world. That is why at the beginning of the adventure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry It is difficult to walk without bumping into someone.

All of that said, these puzzles are important as they give additional inventory slots for equipment, so the player can carry more items with them.

The first trial can be unlocked during the quest “Trials of Merlin” shortly after meeting Natty near Hogsfield Lower and Nora Treadwell explains to you about putting Malva Dulce on the altar and solving the challenge.

However, there are many different types of Trials of Merlin all over the open world and each one needs a specific spell to resolve. It is something that we are going to tell you here.

What are the Merlin Trials at Hogwarts Legacy and how to overcome them

When exploring the wizarding world of hogwarts legacy up to 8 different Trials of Merlin can be found that seem to repeat themselves in variations all over the map.

It should be noted that these tests require certain different spells, so they are impossible to complete if they have not yet been learned. Keep this in mind if you intend to overcome them all.

  • light torches: Light the torches around the trial using Incendio or Confringo. They will start to sink when doing so, you have to light them all before it happens. Find their positions first and turn on the highest ones first. Better with Confringo since you can turn them on from a distance.
  • crush orbs: A simple one, you have to destroy the orbs with Accio on top of the pillars.
  • straight stones: This is a parkour obstacle course for wizards. Climb on one end of the nearby standing stones and move across them by running and jumping without touching the ground to reach the other end.
  • cubes with symbols: A tricky one, use Flipendo on the cubes to align each side with the plinth the cube rests on. These often have arrows on some of the faces so you know which way to align.
  • collect moths: Use Lumos to attract nearby floating moths and bring them to each of the cube crystals to light them up.
  • explode stones: One of the simplest, use Confringo or Repulso to blow up the greenish cracked rocks around the test area.
  • repair statues: At the beginning, a lot of statues collapse in the area. Use Reparo to fix them and complete the challenge.
  • magic ball: Use yellow and purple movement spells to get the ball into the bowl-shaped goal on the ground; football basically.

However,how to get Malva Dulce in Hogwarts Legacy? Obviously you can buy The Magical Neep of Hogsmeadebut you can also get its seeds and plant it yourself.

Either that or wait until you unlock the Room of Requirements to set up your own sweet hollyhock farm with plant tables and never run out of them.

You get five each time you harvest sweet hollyhocks from a plant table in the Room, keeping in mind that at the beginning you can have seven plant tables.

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