Methods to get better equipment and overcome the levels of Mighty Doom

Methods to get better equipment and overcome the levels of Mighty Doom

It is already known that the Slayer, absolute protagonist of the DOOM saga, is not characterized by his good humor when it comes to tearing demons to pieces. But in Mighty Doom he is even more brutal, so you shouldn’t underestimate his size.

The frantic roguelike for iOS and Android It is now available in its final version, and it is totally free (unless you want to spend money on crystals). Have you already tried it?

Mighty Doom inherits the playable style of the saga, but also the bases of all good roguelikes. And you already know that in these games the most important thing is to have the best team. Otherwise, you will bite the dust many times.

How to get the best equipment without going through the box? In this Mighty Doom guide we reveal the best methods to farm weapons and equipmentand beat their levels easily.

Best ways to farm gear for the Slayer

Mighty Doom is free to play, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have micropayments. If you decide to pay real money for crystals or special boxes, you can get better equipment… but it’s completely optional.

There are several ways to get better gear (weapons, items, boosts, accessories) in Mighty Doom. The most obvious thing is to advance in the levels, but it is more complex than that.

Despite the fact that it is a roguelike (and, as such, it is hard to crack), we recommend that you play on the difficulty that you can handle. It is useless to select higher levels if you are not able to complete the level in question, and thus claim your rewards.

Mighty Doom ofrece daily rewards for logging in, joining the Slayer’s Club, and even watching ads. They are the easiest ways to earn free rewards.

To beat the most challenging levels, you’ll need the best weapons, gear, upgrades, and crystals (in-game currency), then equip the Slayer with the best you’ve got.

First of all, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Complete daily missions: These are goals and challenges that you can pass. They change every day, but it’s a good way to earn crystals and rewards.
  • Complete events and special missions: They are unlocked after completing Chapter 2. Participating costs energy, but if you manage to beat them, you will get better equipment. The exclamation mark indicates the rewards you can earn with each mission.
  • Replay already completed levels: the old farming trick. It can be tedious, but it’s the best way to get better gear and gain more experience with Mighty Doom.

Once we have that in mind, we will address the issue of replaying levels already completed. There are some tips that you should follow when doing it, because otherwise it will be more uphill.

Taking into account all the levels, their structure and difficulty, we recommend:

  • En Mighty Doom hay 9 chapters. Each one has 40 rooms, and to get the rewards you must complete the pull race. Keep this in mind when choosing a higher difficulty level.
  • We recommend repeating the previous two levels the one we already have unlocked. For example, repeat level 5 if we can already play 7 (even dare with 6 later).
  • Until the middle of the game it will not be necessary to repeat each level numerous times to farm. If you can complement it with announcements or daily challenges, you will have a lot to win.

You can too merge two objects to create better equipment (only if they are compatible). There are Slayer skins that are very powerful (like the gold skin).

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