Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in December 2022

Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in December 2022

Before we say goodbye to the year, we are going to offer you a compendium of seeds interesting for Minecraft that the user community has found and so that you can enjoy them equally.

We usually collect seeds for Minecraft that have something particular, be it rare generations, close together biomes, or a lot of chests or any other valuable resource.

As you well know, the latter patch 1.19.3 for minecraftit will be the last minor update before the next big 1.20 release comes out next year.

Before we get into the big news of the next patch of updatewe want to offer you a list of the best Minecraft seeds as of December 2022 for you to enjoy.

Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in December 2022

Seed: 3929110367124987343

What is particular about this seed is that a fortress appears just below an island town, so you have a rare generation that is not very common.

Seed: -1541124385142397106

This seed has the appearance of a town surrounded by a mountain ring and also a forest mansion within this area. We invite you to go through coordinates 50,350 to find these structures, where you will also find a lot of loot.

Seed: 8097472130012152032

It is about a bunch of villages full of zombies on a small island that you will have to escape from, and you will have to take advantage of the moment of the day when the zombies do not want to attack you to prepare for survival.

Seed: 5578478610022238985

This seed includes three villages, and one of them has a blacksmith. There is also a ruined portal, where you can enter the lower part where there is a bastion structure full of loot. You could also stop by the old city below one of the towns, if you go to the coordinates -250,100.

Seed: -3566425337672145770

You will come out on the edge of a cliff that is a mansion in the woods that is stuck in the rock, at the bottom. You can easily go down to the roof and explore from top to bottom. Then you have a town that can be found at coordinates 750,100.

Seed: -6202809933377939275

When you travel east to coordinates 400,200 you will find a town of acacias. In it you will find an opening in the ground that grants access to a dungeon at coordinates -17,118,0. Behind the dungeon you can go in and loot a lot of chests.

Seed: 415677488000565753

Ideal for delving into the underworld, where you will have an exposed stronghold on the surface of the forest. You are also going to have access to a biome with a lot of caves, abandoned mine shafts and ancient cities.

Seed: 884541311959491792

In this seed you will see a town that has a jungle temple among its houses, and if you then go to coordinates 50, -300 you will locate a looter post.

Seed: 752288259555668356

You will come out next to the forest mansion with a looting post, and then at coordinates 200, 150 there is a jungle biome with a temple that is a great source of valuable materials.

Seed: 8567574014134701459

We are in a savannah biome with a lot of wind, and with several towns that can be seen in the distance as soon as they appear. You can also travel to coordinates -1400, 1000 to find a buried shipwreck.

We hope you enjoy these new minecraft seeds December 2022 before the next big update arrives early next year.

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