Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in February 2023

Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in December 2022

The good thing that it has Minecraftis that there are not two seeds equal, and therefore we can access practically unlimited fun, and thanks to the user community we always end up discovering new worlds that you could visit.

And now with the arrival of the month of February, we have a new compendium of seeds for Minecraft that we have found very interesting, due to their complex creation or originality, and that we invite you to try.

We are going to provide you with the corresponding seed so that you can directly access it, a brief description so that you know exactly what you are going to find and we will recommend certain coordinates of places that you should visit.

So check the best seeds from Minecraft to February 2022 and that belong to version 1.19.

Minecraft: Best Version 1.19 Seeds in February 2023

These are the best seeds we found for Minecraft 1.19 February 2023:


You’ll spawn next to a sinkhole with a large lake of ice and a town on top of it, so it’s quite unusual. On the other hand, you could visit the town at coordinates 131, 63,102.


It is a seed with a very large meadow with certain imposing mountains, where you will also find a village among them, which will help you a lot to start and then go explore. The corresponding village can be found at coordinates 208,109,158.


This seed is characterized by offering an overgrown mansion and also a town on top. Near where you appear, you can go to the mansion and the town at coordinates 28,107,62.


It is a coastal seed with a huge mountain with beautiful cliffs that go down to the sea and also a big mountain that you can explore. It is good that you try to build one of the most imperious bases due to the complexity of the seed.


Another seed where you are going to find mountains and also several towns, but also looter posts, and also a spawn dungeon with many monsters and chests. From where you appear, you should access the coordinates 1437.90, -872 to reach the mountain town.


It is a survival island with four towns, and you can try to take advantage of their resources and use them as a refuge during these first bars to expand to the rest.


In this seed we will leave in the middle of a flower meadow surrounded by trees and with a great view of the ocean. Very close you will have a mansion at coordinates 175, 78,111, and in it you can find a multitude of loot and use it as a new refuge. There are also a number of towns not too far from the apparition that you might want to visit.


This seed winks at the cold, since we will be in a village surrounded by wind and snow. We invite you to visit the town at coordinates -186, 66,232 and also check out each of the tall stone pillars that hide different secrets.


If you are looking for blacksmiths you have them in this seed, and you will spawn near a town that contains up to four. In this way you will be able to get armor very quickly, get a lot of loot, and when you are ready, cross the lake to go to the looting post to get many more things. You have the town with the blacksmiths at coordinates 168, 72,165 and the looters’ post is at coordinates 522, 77,347.


This seed offers a lake surrounded by many other biomes, so you can try each of them exactly. Of course, there is also a lot of water thanks to a huge lake near the spawn point.

You are going to have jungle, plains, a lot of forests and hot and cold areas, so you could say that this seed is more for beginners to try all the biomes before venturing into more complicated ones.

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