Minecraft: Best Version 1.20 Seeds in March 2023

Minecraft: Best Version 1.20 Seeds in March 2023

We have a set of best seeds for Minecraft, specifically, already in the version 1.20and corresponding to March 2023.

Thanks to these new seeds for Minecraft As of March 2023 version 1.20, we are going to offer you a series of very interesting worlds that are intended for both beginners and experienced users.

We are going to provide you with the corresponding seed so that you can go directly to it, and also a brief description so that you know where you are going, with some recommendations for coordinates that you should visit.

And it is that in Minecraft we never have two seeds equal, so it is convenient that you review the best seeds from Minecraft to March 2023 and that belong to version 1.20 of the game.

Minecraft: Best Version 1.20 Seeds in March 2023

Seed: -1390026623

You will be able to experience the new biome of the cherry forest, being able to establish a base right there. We recommend that you go to the coordinates 200,900 to find a town that has houses settled among the cherry trees.

Seed: 7159705786107194111

If you are looking for rare and unusual things, in this seed you will find a town with several blacksmiths, specifically at coordinates 300,350. Notice that one of the blacksmiths is at the bottom of the well, so he is well protected.

Seed: 3201901650831491932

This is a seed with a wide variety of unusual biomes, so you can try a little of everything. We recommend that you go to the town that is at coordinates 150.50, which has a shipwreck, and also access to different caves. Then in the rest of the terrain you will find jungle, forest, desert and other things that you will discover.

Seed: 1861965201489179097

In this seed you will have access to both the cherry tree biome and the nether realm, and yet you will find the village at coordinates -400, -500, which above it has an exposed ruined portal and a large cherry forest behind.

Seed: -7979707497044760882

We are going to find underground structures and also many zombies, and above all on the surface. You are going to find an exposed dungeon below the desert village at coordinates 550,150.

Seed: -6033842555559616640

The good thing about this seed is that we find two ancient cities, and at coordinates -500,500 you will locate them, merging with each other, with double the loot.

Seed: -4193205318086978739

If you want to find one of the most beautiful cherry forests you’ve ever seen, go to coordinates 800.50, and you also have a ravine very close. Then you can see another town at coordinates 800, -350, and also a lot of cherry trees around.

Seed: -5534360992081549941

We have another double village, with another blacksmith, but it is a village full of zombies. So you have to be very careful at night, and you should prepare yourself for one of those survival seeds that like to play.

Seed: -7004127736181028064

In this seed we see an entire mountain exposed within the biome of the giant caves, specifically, at coordinates 400.50. You will be able to get a lot of stalactite pieces and without having to eliminate enemies.

Seed: -4311694823934319998

We’re going to find huge cherry groves, and we’re also coming out right next to a double town with a cherry grove around it, but you’re also going to find dungeons very close at ground level.

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